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When it comes to lip products in the summer I tend to stick to my nudes. Haha okay, I love nude lips all year but in the summer especially there is nothing else that comes on my lips. Of course, there are beautiful orange, coral and peachy shades that scream summer, but that's just not me. 

So today I will show you my go-to nude lipsticks this summer.

First off, we have the Dior Lip Addict Ultra Gloss in 785 Diorama. Normally I am not the biggest fan of lipgloss. But when I wear one it's in the summer. I just love this wet and shiny look at this time of year. Also, you can easily wear it on top of lipsticks.. so versatile. This is my go-to nude lipgloss at the moment. In the tube, it looks a bit dark but on the lips it's the perfect natural shade. The finish is very shiny. But there is not a lot of glitter to be seen on the lips, which I totally like! The perfect day-to-day product for the summer. 

Tom Ford is one of my favourites when it comes to lipsticks at the moment. The formula is a dream. So creamy, opaque and long lasting. And the colours.. it's so hard to choose! My two favourites are again quite pinky nude shades. I don't know why, but pinky nudes suit me so much better than beige or even orange-toned nudes. They look so weird on me.

My two shades of choice are 04 Indian Rose and 07 Pink Dusk. Indian Rose is a bit darker and by far my most favourite. Pink Dusk is more girly, but also looks very pretty!

What are your go-to lipsticks in the summer?
xx Lisa

{This post was written in collaboration with Notino.de}