{This post contains products that have been sent to me as PR gifts, with no obligation to write this post}

Happy Sunday everyone. Life is a little crazy right now as I moved house and started my Master.. but I still wanted to get this post out today. Interior is something that I don't talk much on here but still is a big passion of mine. I really hope to write these kinds of posts more often in the future and I also hope you guys will enjoy it.

Today I want to introduce you to my current favourite prints and the shop I like to get them from. I know that prints, and art in general, can be quite an expensive thing to invest in. As a student, I don't have the biggest budget to splurge on luxury things like these so I appreciate a more affordable option. A year back I discovered the online shop Desenio on Instagram. I was absolutely blown away by their selection of prints. Their style is absolutely my thing. Modern, sleek but they still have something special to them. You can get all kind of prints in their shop. They have quotes, photographs or just abstract art. 

I got my first few prints from them a few weeks back. I always thought they would be quite expensive so I never bothered to look into it too much. I just admired the beautiful interior photographs on their Instagram. But one day I just went on their website and looked into it. And it is really so much more affordable than you would think. And now I think I am addicted haha. I already have a new list of prints I want to get. Unfortunately, my boyfriend isn't the biggest fan of the ideao of having Fashion and Makeup related prints in our home... so they probably will be forever on my wishlist. I personally love quite simple prints. For the colour scheme, I obviously love black, white, grey and blush colours haha.. what a surprise! A good marble pattern is also something I can't say no to. 

And you know the best thing? You can even buy the matching frames on their website, again very affordable. I went for a mix of black and rose gold frames as this is the kind of colour scheme I want in my home.. 

I would love to know what you like when it comes to prints/ wall art!
xx Lisa