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It is April, which means spring is here.. or at least kind of here. I love to give my wardrobe a nice spring clean-out every year.. and maybe also splurge on a few new cute dresses (which I will show you in another post). BUT I feel like changing your makeup and skincare is equally important. 

When I think about makeup in the spring time, I see fresh and glowing skin, light colours and a natural finish. Even though this look sounds much easier than a full face of heavy makeup, it can be even harder. For a fresh and dewy look, you need the perfect base. By that, I don't mean that your skin has to be flawless. But your skin has to be in a very good condition.

1. Skincare is the number one step here. I have recently fallen in love with serums. I always thought this is an unnecessary step in my skincare routine.. but let me tell you: it totally changes the game! My serum of choice is the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum.  I use it every evening and my skin looks smoother, healthier and totally glowing the next morning. And this is exactly what we are looking for.

2. The next step is a good primer. This is another one which I always thought is not really important. I have to admit, in the winter months I sometimes skip this as my skin doesn't tend to need this and my makeup lasts quite well. But with the months getting warmer I always need some extra lasting power for my makeup. This Lancome La Base Pro Primer helps your foundation to last longer and also provides a much smoother base for your foundation and makes it look even more natural and perfect. 

3. Last but not least is the foundation. If you have a good skincare and primer routine, this is just the finish touch to your dewy and glowy spring look. I have very fair skin, which is also very sensitive so I tend to have quite a lot of redness especially around my nose and my cheeks. Therefore I always look for a medium coverage foundation which I can build up to a full coverage one for nights out. The problem with these foundations is that they tend to be very matte and unnatural looking. This is why I used to stick to various BB-creams, which never really gave me the coverage I wanted.. and then I found my new holy grail foundation: The Armani Luminous Silk Foundation. The perfect coverage but a luminous finish.. I am obsessed!

What are your top tips for a fresh and dewy face makeup?
xx Lisa

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