If you remember my post about the MAC highlighter in soft & gentle a few months ago, you might remember me saying that I will forever use this one and never will need another one.. well.. I take this statement back. I still believe that it is a stunning highlighter, but I just found one that I love even more. And since then I realised a few things about soft & gentle which I never realised before. 

On Black Friday last year I was browsing cult beauty and saw the hyped BECCA highlighter in champagne pop.. and I just had to try it. There are not a lot of occasions where you get 20% off BECCA products. When it arrived it was love at first sight. And suddenly I fell out of love with my soft & gentle. So I passed it on to my sister. Haha, as I said it is still a beautiful product but champagne pop is so much more me. It is more of like a gold than a pinky shade. This suits my skin colour so much more. And the biggest difference I have realised is the texture. BECCA is more an intense shimmer, much finer. MAC has actual big glitter pigments to it. I heard that the Mary-Lou Manizer by The Balm is a good dupe for the MAC one and is without the big particles. So maybe I will check this one out next. 

In terms of intensity, I feel like both highlighters are on the same level. Both are really intense. So if you are not into it, it's maybe not a highlighter for you. I tried some Dior highlighter the other day which I find much more subtle, so maybe give these a try. 

If you want to see me wearing the highlighter just visit my Instagram (@lisa.autumn). This is the only highlighter I wear these days.

Did you try any BECCA highlighter? Which other shade should I order next?
xx Lisa