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Coat: Zara | Dress: Missguided

If you follow my Instagram or just take a look at my blog in general, you will know my obsession with blush and black. For me, this is the best combination. Edgy and sweet, what more could anyone want? I am currently pretty happy with my wardrobe but spring is coming soon (hopefully) and summer is also not that far away.. okay maybe I am a bit too optimistic? So I am slowly starting to look for some dresses for the warmer months.. and the first stop I always take is my beloved asos..

I have already ordered some of these. But unfortunately, I can't buy all of them at once. So I have to wait until at least next month to be able to splurge on some more. So I just really hope they will still be available by then.. (so please don't buy everything from my wishlist, okay?)

Which is your favorite? I definitely LOVE the second black dress and the fourth blush one.. dreamy!

xx Lisa