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I love fashion, but I also love comfort. When something looks pretty but doesn't feel good I won't get as much wear out of it as I would like. Maybe this is also a part of getting older.. I am slowly shifting away from fast fashion. Of course I still enjoy Zara, H&M and so on but I just don't buy as many random pieces as I did a few years ago. I try to really think about the things I buy: Do I have something similar already? Will I get the wear out of it? Can I style it with other things from my current wardrobe? Is it comfortable? and most importantly.. is the quality even worth the price tag? 

I have always thought people who buy cashmere pieces just have too much money haha. Of course, cashmere is expensive.. and when it's not it is most probably not 100% cashmere. Which of course is fine as well, if this is what you are looking for. Cashmere feels and looks beautiful but as a student, you most likely don't have the budget to buy loads of pieces at once. It is more like a process, where you invest in one or two pieces now and then.. at least this is how it is for me. So I have a few tips you should consider when building your cashmere collection:

1. Where to buy?
I personally love to buy my cashmere knits in high-quality shops, which are not necessarily big designer brands. The fabric itself is already expensive when you then have to pay for the name on top of it, it can get VERY pricey. I have recently fallen in love with Boden, where I also got the two pieces which are shown in the pictures. Here* you can find the cardigan and here* you will get to the jumper, which I bought a few sizes up to get a nice oversized look.

2. What to buy?
When it comes to cashmere, I like to stick to the staples. No crazy colours, no unusual cuts. You can always pair a classic cashmere cardigan with a fun and bright dress, which automatically elevates the quality of your outfit without breaking the bank.

3. Why to buy?
Cashmere is pricey, but it is worth it if you invest wisely. These pieces are much warmer, comfier, less itchy and more resilient than many wool knits. 

Let me know where you love to shop your cashmere pieces!
xx Lisa