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The original Black Opium by Yves Saint Laurent is one of my top three perfumes ever, alongside with Chanel No.5 and Dolce&Gabbana The One. But I am not gonna lie, I use it more in the autumn and winter months as it is quite a heavy perfume. In the summer and spring, I like something softer, fresher but not too overly sweet. Unfortunately, these kind of perfumes are mostly very very floral and are just not as strong and powerful as my beloved Black Opium. 

When I heard there would be a new release of the Black Opium perfume and it will be a fresher version, I was beyond excited. 

So let me introduce you to my new spring/summer perfume for this year.. 

This fresh and florally scent is everything I was looking for. It is a shockingly fresh fragrance of strong citrus notes blended with the sensuality of black coffee and finished with the freshness of white musk all captured and enclosed within the walls of the most beautiful dramatic bottle. What more could you possibly want?

But that's not it: YSL also released their new mascara to go with the launch of the new Black Opium..

I am not an expert when it comes to mascaras, as I tend to wear false lashes all the time. My natural lashes are just so straight, thin and short. So I didn't have the highest hope for it.. but let me tell you: I think I will stay away from false lashes for a while now! This mascara has the perfect wand for me. It makes my lashes very thick and black. Of course, I have to use a lash curler beforehand, but in combination with this product my lashes really stand out. But if you like a subtle and natural look, you better don't go for this one. It is really heavy, but this is exactly what I personally like when it comes to mascaras: a dramatic and bold look.

Have you tried the new Black Opium or the Floral Shock mascara already? Let me know what you think.

xx Lisa

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