{Advertisement - This post was written in collaboration with Audaviv}

Well, if you are following my Instagram Account (@lisa.autumn) you will know that you can see me tagging Audaviv (@audaviv) in a lot of my pictures. I have been working with them at the very beginning of my blog and Instagram, but this is not the reason why I still keep on posting their beautiful pieces. I also want to add that I have absolutely no obligation to keep on posting about them. I just truly enjoy their jewellery and also their branding in general.

Audaviv is a fairly new company as it was founded in 2015. And I think this is one of the most important reasons why they stand out for me. You can really tell how important it is for Audaviv, and their founder Lynette, to give their customers the best experience. It starts with their beautiful website, their amazing packaging (seriously goals) and ends with the outstanding quality of their jewellery itself. I have tried different pieces from various designers that you can find on audaviv.com and every single one of them has not disappointed me. I very often have problems with jewellery as I tend to wear my favorites ones non-stop.. and I mean 24/7. I will sleep with them, I will shower with them and some pieces I even wear to the gym. So the quality just has to be amazing to stand the test of time with me.. and Audaviv's jewellery did it.

I bet you all are already excited to scroll through their shop.. but before you can head over to audaviv. com I have an exciting announcement to make: I am hosting a GIVEAWAY with two of my all time favourite pieces from Audaviv. You will be getting the beautiful Malibu Ring, which I am wearing non-stop at the moment, and the Embrace Bracelet (you get to choose between gold, rose gold and silver!). For all the rules just head over to my Instagram (here). In case you are not the lucky one, don't worry.. just use my code "lisa.autumn" to get 15% discount off everything.

Good luck to everyone!

xx Lisa

{This post and giveaway was kindly sponsored by Audaviv}