Happy Sunday everyone. Some of you might remember that I did a "What's in my bag" post a few months ago. That time I showed you the medium edition. In today's one, I want to show what I pack when I decide to go for a mini bag. 

Of course, there are a few staples that I would carry around everywhere.. in every kind of bag I choose. The number one has to be my phone. But also my keys and my wallet come everywhere with me. At the moment I always use my Whistles wallet, the perfect size and the perfect colour for me. For my phone case, you will see me with some kind of Richmond & Finch case. The cute pompom on my keys is from h&m. And do you see the cute carriage keyring? I got it a while ago after I did a tour inside the Buckingham Palace... absolutely stunning place. Oh god.. I miss London!

The Ted&Baker case is usually one for your phone. Since I updated mine to an iPhone 7 plus it doesn't fit anymore, but now I use it for my external battery as it is a gorgeous rose gold colour but scratches really easily.. so now it is perfectly protected. Another essential are my Sudio Sweden earphones. I love the Bluetooth version.

As far as makeup goes I don't like to carry around too much. I personally don't like to touch up concealer or powder throughout the day as I find that it increases the risk of looking cakey. But I always need to take my lipstick of the day and a mirror with me.

And that's it really.. haha I know it is not a lot but it is enough for when you only want a small bag with the real essentials. I personally don't like to take a big bag with me when I go shopping or sightseeing.

I might do a university edition soon.. would you be interested what I carry in my university bag?

Let me know about your key pieces that you always need in your bag!

xx Lisa