I have been admiring the CT packaging for ages. I mean, who wouldn’t? The rose gold looks absolutely stunning and when you have the products in your hands they feel like the most luxurious makeup items ever. I had a rather big clear out recently and got rid of most of my lipsticks and most importantly: all my MAC lipsticks.. so I had to get some new ones. And that was the perfect excuse to browse Charlotte Tilbury.

As they are not the cheapest lipsticks I wanted to only buy my must have shades. A rich red, a dark red, a matte mid-toned nude and a very light nude. For the light nude shade, I already knew what I wanted. It had to be the Kim KW one, I mean for me she is kind of the inventor of the nude lip haha. I really adore the shade. It is the perfect classic nude and totally what you would expect. Unfortunately, the formula (KISSING formula, not the Matte Revolution) does not 100% agree with my lips and tends to get a little flaky after a few hours. I like to only use a bit of the lipstick and tap it in with my finger.. 

The second nude I got is Very Victoria. It is more of like a mid to dark toned nude and has a very matte finish. I love the formula much more than the Kim KW one and the colour is also gorgeous.. maybe a little too cool toned for me though but I can still get away with it. 

For the classic red, I went for Red Carpet Red and this is for sure my favourite of all of them. The colour is absolutely gorgeous and everything you look for in a classic Hollywood red. The formula feels amazing on my lips not too drying. It feels much better than my old favourite: Russian Red by MAC. And this one lasts equally as long.. I am in LOVE.

Last but not least is Glastonberry. I was looking for something like Diva by MAC. This one is more of a dark purple with a hint of red than a pure dark red but I like this even more. It looks amazing against my skin colour. Again the formula is a dream. I can't tell you much about the lasting power of this one as I haven't worn it too much yet.. We will see. 

These are all the Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks I own so far. But I have to tell you a little secret.. I just did another order.. oh dear! The reason is that I was browsing twitter and saw someone talking about the famous Lipliner shade Pillowtalk being made into a lipstick and I was like.. OMG! This can't be true... So I went onto their website and yes indeed, they released Pillowtalk as lipstick exclusively for Valentines day. I know I am on a spending ban but hello.. it is a limited edition so I just had to, right? RIGHT?.. 

Which are your favourite CT lipstick shades or products in general? Next on my list is the Dolce Vita eyeshadow palette.. so stunning!

xx Lisa