I know Black Friday feels like ages ago and considering it is almost Christmas, it kinda is ages ago. But I thought it would still be nice to show you a part of what I got that day. I went a little bit makeup crazy and got loads of new goodies. I did my main shopping at Urban Decay (online via Douglas). I know it sometimes is a scary thing to buy makeup things online when you've never seen them in person but thanks to the magic of youtube I absolutely knew what I want. Plus, I just always get the lightest foundation and concealer shade ever and it will always fit.. haha life of a pale girl. Let's discuss the pieces I got with the 20% off discount. 

1. Naked Skin One & Done Foundation in "01 Light". I am a huge fan of BB Creams and I stay away from heavy coverage ones. I have a pretty dry skin with not a lot of blemishes so if I use a really heavy foundation it mostly just clings to those dry areas (especially my nose.. such a nightmare!). So this foundation did sound so perfect for me and it definitely did not disappoint. I adore the texture and the finish. Of course, it won't perfect my skin 100% but as I said that is not what I am looking for in a foundation. It looks exactly like my own skin just a little bit more even. My new go-to foundation for sure. 

2. Eyeshadow Primer Potion in "Eden". I don't want to discuss this too much as everyone has their own opinion on this topic but a very big reason for this haul is that I try to switch to cruelty-free makeup. I am definitely not perfect regarding this but I try my very best. One of my favorite items I had to get rid of was my beloved MAC Paintpot. I used it as a primer but also on its own when I don't want to wear eyeshadow but I want to cover those veins and imperfections on my lid. So I had to look for an alternative. I came across the Primer Potion and noticed that they also have a "concealer like" shade. I ordered it and I really do like it. The shade is a little lighter and a little more yellowish than my old one but I think it is a good alternative. 

3. Vice Lipstick in "Ex-Girlfriend". I did a huge lipstick order on Charlotte Tilbury but they were mainly matte ones and I needed a comfortable nude pink color for every day. The color shows off a little redder in real life. I mean it definitely looks good on me and my boyfriend also complimented me for my lipstick (which he normally never does haha) but that's still not really what I wanted. I might just have to keep looking for an alternative to my MAC patisserie.. do you have some suggestions?

4. Brow Tamer in "Neutral Brown". I also had to find an alternative to the Brow Drama by Maybelline. I have tried a few drugstore ones but they are all way too "much". Too much product, too much color and it just ends up looking super fake. To be honest I just bought this one because I was already doing this order and I never really heard anything about this brow gel. But I really wonder why! This is by far the best brow gel I have ever tried. It is the perfect color, the perfect brush, and just the perfect formula to give definition without looking fake. I will stick to this forever. 

5. All Nighter Setting Spray. I have to admit I never have used a setting spray before and I always used to think this is so unnecessary and you can basically just spritz some water in your face haha. God have I been wrong! This makes such a difference to the finish of my makeup as well as the lasting power. My face looks less powdery and more natural after I used it and I also noticed that my concealer lasts much longer. That was something I was really struggling with before. Never without this step now. Thank god I got the big bottle!

6. Last but for sure not least: Naked Ultimate Basics Palette. If you haven't seen this on every beauty blog and in every second Instagram picture.. where have you been? This has to be the absolute IT palette at the moment and I can see why. The color are beautiful and the formula is so buttery and pigmented.. a dream! The colors come out more warm in reality, more like the second than the first picture. I am not one for a lot of eyeshadow as I like to stick to my dramatic flick and that's it. But sometimes I like a bit of definition and special in my crease and then I love a good matte shade. So this is seriously made for me. I mean look at it... insanely beautiful!

xx Lisa