Today I want to talk to you about my hair straighteners of choice: the Braun Satin Hair 7. I've got these in the beginning of the year, so I had these quiet a while. I always wanted one of the ultimate ghd straighteners. I mean they must be the most hyped ones on the market. After some research, though, I realized that they might be a little overhyped and decided to go for these ones. I got them for around 100 euros but at the moment you can get them for almost half the price online (amazon).

Let's start with some technical facts so we can move on to the more fun part haha. One of the biggest features which have sold it to me is the heat adjusting sensors in the panels. It basically measures the moisture in your hair and regulates the heat on its own. When you have very dry and damaged hair it will automatically lower the heat. For it to work best you can set up your own personal profile. For that, you are asked to enter your hair length (short, medium or long) and provide more information like whether or not it has been colored or bleached. This way it ensures to give you the most suitable temperature for your needs.

But do not worry, in case you want to change the temperature manually, you can! For that, you just skip the profile part and go straight to the manual heat control. The best part is, you can set up more than one profile so you can share your straightener with your sister or friend. 

Overall I find this feature extremely helpful as I don't have to think about the temperature at all. It just knows what my hair needs. Besides this, there are a couple more aspects to why I love this one so much. 
It has rounded edges so I can easily do a pretty wavy hairstyle. I use them for proper curls, waves or just to straighten my hair. Everything works fine. Something I am always looking for in straighteners is that the wire has to move comfortable on the main body of the straightener as I twist and turn it so much while doing my hair. And this one definitely does. I also don't find me accidently pressing any buttons while doing my hair, which happens a lot with other ones I tried so far. 

I just wish it would be a little smaller and travel-friendly.. then it would be the ultimate one for me. 

What straighteners do you use? I would love to read some opinions of people who own a ghd.

xx Lisa