Sunday, November 27, 2016

Christmas Gift Guide 2016.

{Advertisement - This post was written in collaboration with NEXT UK, Richmond & Finch, Sudio, Audaviv}

I don't know about you but I really got into the Christmas spirit recently. I think this is mainly because of the pretty lights in the city, but also because I started my Christmas shopping! I love to be kind of early with presents so I don't have to rush last minute. But there are always some people it is so hard to find presents for.. I really struggle with all of the males in my life I have to get presents for, like my dad or my boyfriend. That is why you will not get to see any present suggestions for them.. haha I am really sorry but how can I write a gift guide about things that I don't have a clue about?
Nevertheless, I will give you some cute ideas for girls/women, like your sister, best friend or even your mom. 

I will start with the tech section.

1. I recently discovered Sudio Swedens Earphones. They are absolutely beautiful and the quality is amazing as well. You can get those cute in-ear ones but they also do over-ear headphones. I have the white and rose gold wireless version.. such a dream! With the code "lisaautumn15" you get 15% off your order. How cool is that?

2. If you follow my Instagram (@lisa.autumn) you must have seen the Richmond & Finch Cases everywhere on my pictures. I just adore their luxury design. Especially for all marble lovers out there.. you will love them just as much as I do. Such a special but not too expensive present. Use the code "scbylisa20" for 20% discount. YAY!

3. What is a gift guide without some gorgeous jewelry? I recently discovered AUDAVIV (click here for their beautiful Instagram) and I am obsessed. You get to see way more than your standard jewelry when you visit their side. Everything is so modern but classic. The perfect mix of minimalistic but also extraordinary design. The quality is again outstanding. This is definitely my new favorite jewelry brand. Every girl and woman would love to get something of their collection. I promise!
Again I have some discount codes for you guys. 

"LM10AUD" for 10$ discount off your 50$ purchase, 
"LM20AUD" for 20$ discount when you spend 75$, 
"LM30AUD" for 30$ off your purchase over 100$. Happy shopping!

4. Christmas is all about being cozy. For a really small gift or even an extra to your main present, I always love fluffy and cute slippers. And you can even wear them chilling under the Christmas tree! Perfect! These ones I got from Primark but there are loads of brands where you can get them. You can also buy more luxe ones for example from The White Company.

5. On to some other small bits and bobs. Fluffy keyrings were such a huge trend last year and it looks like they will be around for the next year as well. This cute red one I got from Next. Is it not the perfect winter colour? Amazing. Also from Next, I got this beautiful Planner with the rose gold writing. As Christmas marks the end of the year getting a pretty and practical journal for the next year is always a winner. Yay. Last but not least in this category: books. I really enjoy Girlboss at the moment. But you can of course opt for any book which suits the person you are getting it for. I usually do not buy a lot of books for myself so I love receiving them as a present. 

6. Last but not least I have to show you my new favorite boots. Again they are from Next. They do so many great quality pieces for a lower price. And seriously, who doesn't love a good pair of leather ankle boots for Christmas? I certainly would love to have them under my Christmas tree this year.

I really hope you enjoyed this year's Christmas gift guide. I know I did not mention anything beauty-related. I already saw loads of those posts so I thought I would exclude this category. Also, I will hopefully receive my huge makeup and beauty order very soon.. So maybe I would show you what I got.

Do you tend to shop your presents last minute or are you better planned?
xx Lisa



  1. Loved this, I need to get my hands on those boots! Next are really killing it this season! xx

    1. Totally agree hun! It's my fave at the moment..

      xx Lisa

  2. So many pretty things here<3

  3. That marble phone case is just to die for! :)

  4. Lovely picks! Especially love the headphones and the phone cases :)

    What about following each other? :)

    Caro x

  5. So many goodies! I would love to wake up to some of these goodies Christmas morning.

    Stacey White

  6. I am such a last minute shopper, thank god for christmas being on the weekend giving me a whole week next week to shop x


    1. haha perfect! I used to be exactly like that but now this stresses me out so much that I do most of the shopping in november already haha.. good luck lovely!

      xx Lisa


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