MAC used to always be my favorite lipstick brand. My first ever high-end lipstick was their "Patisserie | Lustre Finish". It was a very VERY sheer neutral pink. Unfortunately, I must have lost it at some point, that is why I can't show it to you today. I also did not rebuy it because the finish is just not mine anymore. I still really like the color but I much more prefer opaque formulas now. 

Today I will run you through the eight shades that I own at the moment.

1. The first one would be "Faux | Satin Finish", it is described as a muted mauve-pink. I personally find it way more nude with a hint of pink. The Satin Finish is really nice to wear and lasts a long time. 

2. My most worn lipstick has to be "Brave | Satin Finish". Again the Finish is so dreamy and I just love the pinky beige color. It looks much healthier on me than the standard nude. 

3. Very similar to Brave is "Mehr | Matte Finish". Honestly, I don't see much of a difference formula wise but the color itself is a lot deeper and a little more opaque. Again one of my favorites. 

4. "Fast Play | Amplified Finish" is basically Mehr in the Amplified Finish. Amplified is much more creamy and glossy but at the same time very opaque. I prefer the Satin finishes but when I have very dry lips this one is my go-to. 

5. I got "Craving | Amplified Finish" when I had my red hair and back then I really loved this plum color. Even with my black hair (haha yes I had all the hair colors, read about my hair story here) I really enjoyed it. With my blonder hair and my current obsession with matte or satin lipsticks, I don't wear this one at all. 

6. Another one which I never really wear is "Crosswires | Cremesheen Finish". As the name already suggests this formula way sheerer but very glossy. The color is a fresh pink orange, perfect for summer. I thought I would get so much wear out of it in the warmer months but apparently, my makeup doesn't really change throughout the year. Haha, I am just always a fall and winter baby. 

7. "Russian Red | Matte Finish" is a really intense red with a hint of blue. This shade suits my skin tone so well, it's incredible. I always get loads of compliments wearing it out. I never thought I would be one to wear such brave colors, but in the last year I really stepped out of my comfort zone and became exactly that person. 

8. Last but not least is "Diva | Matte Finish", an intense burgundy. In fall and winter, I can't get enough of these colors. At first, I thought it might be too dark for my pale skin but I totally love the contrast. I also found a few dupes to this one (one is even better than the original!) so let me know if you would like a post on that. 

Next one my list "Modesty". Do you have it already? What are your favorite Mac lipsticks?
I always love to be inspired!

xx Lisa