Sunday, November 27, 2016

Christmas Gift Guide 2016.

{Advertisement - This post was written in collaboration with NEXT UK, Richmond & Finch, Sudio, Audaviv}

I don't know about you but I really got into the Christmas spirit recently. I think this is mainly because of the pretty lights in the city, but also because I started my Christmas shopping! I love to be kind of early with presents so I don't have to rush last minute. But there are always some people it is so hard to find presents for.. I really struggle with all of the males in my life I have to get presents for, like my dad or my boyfriend. That is why you will not get to see any present suggestions for them.. haha I am really sorry but how can I write a gift guide about things that I don't have a clue about?
Nevertheless, I will give you some cute ideas for girls/women, like your sister, best friend or even your mom. 


Sunday, November 13, 2016

My Mac lipsticks collection.

MAC used to always be my favorite lipstick brand. My first ever high-end lipstick was their "Patisserie | Lustre Finish". It was a very VERY sheer neutral pink. Unfortunately, I must have lost it at some point, that is why I can't show it to you today. I also did not rebuy it because the finish is just not mine anymore. I still really like the color but I much more prefer opaque formulas now. 


Sunday, November 6, 2016

Must-read - Bloom, by Estée Lalonde.

I remember the first time I watched one of Estée's videos on youtube. I was looking for swatches of mac's lipstick "crosswires" and she came up as one of the suggestions. It was exactly this video (click) She was bright and cute and I thought this bubbly sweet girl can't have a single care in the world. I subscribed to her as it was just so much fun listening to her talking about lipsticks like she does nothing else. Watching her for a few months (or.. for 3 years now) I realized that there is way more to her than just this happy blogger girl. I genuinely felt like I know her.. I admired the way she sees life and its challenges so much. So it was absolutely clear to me that I was going to buy her book. And oh my god.. I haven't cried like this because of a book and years!