Sunday, October 30, 2016

Review - Bose Quiet Comfort 35.

When I like a song, and I mean REALLY like one, I have to listen to it over and over again. At the moment my absolute favorite is Closer by The Chainsmokers. I am seriously obsessed. When you are anything like me and you just can't live without your music but you don't want to drive the people around you crazy with that same song on the loop all day then you might wanna invest in really good headphones. And when we talk about really good headphones we just have to discuss Bose. And that is what this Sunday's post is going to be.. a review of the Bose Quiet Comfort 35. 

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If you travel a lot and you can't stand those tiny in-ear headphones they are just perfect for you. Okay,  I know the price tag is pretty impressive as well but I promise you, you will get so much for your money. 
Before I went and bought them I did a lot of research. I watched product videos and read countless reviews and in the end I was so excited to try them myself that I just couldn't resist (even though I have promised myself not to spend THAT much.. haha). 

I had three main criteria when I started looking for the perfect product for me. They had to be comfortable, they had to be quiet (I just hate when people around me can hear what I listen to or even worse I can listen to them talking about what they will have for dinner..) and of course the sound quality had to be amazing. Okay, I may also add a fourth criterion: they definitely had to be wireless as I got the new iPhone 7 Plus and I already lost this little adapter thing, like every person on the planet haha. And let me tell you, these ones are a winner in all categories. 

They are extremely comfortable for all day listening and even with my glasses I can easily wear them for hours without getting a headache. 

The active noise canceling feature works so well in these headphones that I was shocked when I used them for the first time. My boyfriend has to literally throw a cushion at me in order for me to actually realize he is talking to me when I am not looking at him. Also, he can only tell what I am listening to when I turn up the volume to the max, which I don't do because it hurts my ears like crazy haha.. so not a problem at all. 

I am not an audiophile by any means but yeah I can appreciate a good pair of headphones and the QC35s are definitely right up in my list. The noise canceling is second to none and sound is amazing- well mostly. The lows and mids are very clear but the bass lovers might be a little disappointed with the lack of thump. The vocals really stand out with these headphones and they perform well with most genres. If you are a true audiophile or a purist I would suggest you stay away from these headphones as ofcourse they are noise canceling and have a dynamic equalizer inbuilt which you cannot control. Bose also provides an App for your phone but it only helps you regulate the connections (PS- It can be work with 2 devices at the same time and maintain multiple connections in the memory) but yes that's all the mobile app is for. I would love to see an Equaliser feature in the future updates. Apart from that, they have a really solid built quality with Alcantara headband and ear cushions manufactured with a synthetic leather cushion which also helps with the passive noise canceling.

A few other pros are that you can fold them and they come in a case, so another plus for traveling. Also their battery last a really long time, around 20 hours for me and the headphones have dedicated buttons for volume up down,play n pause and Siri as well.

Let me know if you tried them yet or if you have any other (cheaper) alternatives that you absolutely love!
xx Lisa

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  1. Love the headphones, they look super comfortable. Really thinking about getting an iphone7 too now.. Hmm : ) xx


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