Sunday, October 23, 2016

Jord Woodwatch & Giveaway.

{Advertisement - This post was written in collaboration with Jord Woodwatches}

I am more than excited for today's post. Jord Woodwatches were so kind and sent me one of their incredible watches. I had admired them for so long on Instagram and once I received their E-Mail I typed YES faster than I could even think. In case you are not familiar with their brand, they design very chic and unique watches made out of different woods and Swiss movements. They sell both women's watches and men's watches.

The service and the shipping were amazing. They even adjust your watch bracelet to the required size and of course include the rest of the links in your package. It took a little more than a week to arrive which is pretty quick regarding it came all the way from the US to Germany.. so this part was really good.

Regarding the watch, I can only really tell you the most positive stuff. But I still want you to know that all my opinions are my own, Jord did not ask me to say anything. They just asked for an honest review and here it is. Looks wise it is more than stunning. In reality, I like the watch even more than on their website. The contrast between the black and the gold with the clean lines is totally up my street and makes it such a cool watch! In case you are wondering, I decided to go for the Frankie Series in Ebony & Gold.
The quality is so amazing, and the price is more than justified. Even my boyfriend was very impressed and he really cares a lot about craftsmanship when it comes to watches. 
The watch itself is very light due to the material. I personally love light watches because they are so comfortable to wear and you just forget that they are even on your arm.. but if you really want a weighted watch this is not for you. (But you definitely miss out on something haha..).

In the following, I will show you the watch in a few more shots and then at the end you will get the chance to win a 75$ Gift card for Jord Woodwatches! Sound amazing? Then keep on scrolling..

Did someone say Giveaway? Yes, indeed. You can now win a 75$ Gift card for the Jord Woodwatches Onlineshop. And the best thing, all other entrants will get a 20$ Giftcard. So you will win anyway.. YAY! 

The Giveaway will end on November 20th at 11:59pm. To enter you just have to follow two easy steps:

1. Hop on over to Instagram and follow me (@lisa.autumn) and Jord (@woodwatches_com)
2. Click on the following link and enter your details:

Good luck to everyone!
xx Lisa

(This post was sponsored by Jord Wood Watches)



  1. This watch is gorgeous! I love jord wood watches aswell! And seriously your photos are so dreamy!

    Stacey White

  2. Great post, love the watch with your coat!

    Much love,


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