This Sunday I want to share with you the ultimate chocolate cookie recipe. Let's not talk too much and get started right away: it's just too good! I found it on TheAnnaEdit, but changed it a few times and now I've been making them the exact same way for years. So here we go..

Ingredients for about 12 pieces of heaven:
200g butter
250g sugar 
1 egg
275g (self-raising) flour
75g cocoa powder
as much chocolate of your choice as you like
a splash of milk

Throw your softened butter into a bowl, add in the sugar and give it a good mix. Crack in an egg and mix even more, then throw in the flour and cocoa powder. Mix again until it's even. Things might seem a little dry at this point so add in a few splashes of milk to combine the mixture into more of a dough if necessary. Line two trays with baking paper, divide the mixture into 12 balls.

Then it's time get creative. I like to break up about 200g of milk chocolate and at it evenly in all the 12 cookies. You can use more or less chocolate or even white or dark ones. Why not even add nuts or berries?

When you pimped your cookies place far apart on the tray. Pop it in the preheated fan oven at about 220°C. Get them out after 10 minutes. You might need to experiment with the exact time a few times depending on your oven. But don't be scared: they will be super sloppy still when you remove them, but leave them to cool for around 20 minutes (if you can wait that long). I promise they will be the best thing you ever had!

Have a relaxing Sunday!
xx Lisa