Sunday, September 25, 2016

Ardell Demi Wispies.

I don't have the longest and definitely not the most curled lashes. So I used to spend most of my "make-up time" on making my lashes kind of visible. Another problem is that I always, and I mean ALWAYS, wear black or brown winged liner... and not the thin kind haha. So that makes my lashes even more invisible. About a year ago I invested in a high-end lash curler while I was shopping at Liberty. I thought if they can't help me I will just give up...

It ended up helping me.. a bit. Let's say I definitely noticed a difference. My cheap drugstore curlers definitely couldn't keep up with my new shu uemura ones. The only problem was that they looked fab for only like an hour. I don't know why but my lashes always want to drop after a short time. I tried all the tricks, from warming up the curlers before using to applying only waterproof mascara. Nothing really helped. I know what you think right now: Why did you not just uses falsies? Well, the answer is simple: I was scared as hell. 

Putting glue so close to my eyeballs was just too terrifying to me. But my biggest concern was: what if I mess up and destroy my eye make-up? On days where I am short on time, so kinda every day, that's no option at all. But then one day I thought: is that not exactly how I started with eyeliner? To be very dramatic here: what doesn't challenge you, won't make you stronger.. haha okay I know that was too much. Back to the topic. I spontaneously went on amazon and ordered the lashes and glue I heard every beauty blogger/vlogger talk about. A day later the Ardell Demi Wispies and the duo lash glue arrived. And I didn't think twice, tried to apply them and it didn't go to bad for the first time.. very surprising!

There are a few things I learned since the weeks I am testing them now. I hope that would help some of you:

1. If you are a beginner, hands off the black duo glue. I was a little too impatient to wait for the invisible glue to come back in stock so I ordered the tinted version. Maybe it's a good thing for pros who want the lashline to look even more defined... BUT for beginners that can get very messy. I ended up having little black dots everywhere. And to be honest, when you wear eyeliner you can't really tell if you used black or invisible glue. 

2. Individual lashes look easier, but they are not. You will be ending up wanting to rearrange your whole work and let me tell you, it's not gonna look better the second try. 

3. Don't take too much glue. You might be scared to lose half your lashes during the day, but applying too much glue will make it messy and maybe even glue your lashes together and make them look weird. If you are really worried whether they will stay all day or not, just wear them a whole day at home. Even when you are not wearing any makeup and the only living creature which will see your face that day is your cat. 

4. Find your own way to apply them. I looked up some youtube videos before I started applying lashes for the first time and 99% of them recommended using tweezers or those special lash applicators and not your fingers. Well, I tried all three and the easiest and fastest way for me for sure was the last one: my own fingers. I just feel like I have way more control about where I position the lashes.

Now I would really like your tips on working with false lashes? I am still not a pro and would love to hear your tricks.

xx Lisa


  1. Do whatever works for you girlfriend! Great post. I was thinking of picking these lashes up..did you find the glue and lashes as a set or separate? Xoxo -lifeoutofasuitcase on IG


Thank you! xx