Sunday, August 28, 2016

My Hairstory - from black to blond.

If you are like me, then you are obsessed with hairstyles, haircare and everything related to it. My mom used to make jokes about me because once I see a new shampoo or conditioner in an ad on television, I'll be sure as hell going to the shops the next day to try it out. Okay, those shampoos never really gave me that supermodel-hair but one can dream, right? But I don't really want to talk about my haircare routine in this post. If you would want to hear about that just let me know! 

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Whats in my bag - the medium edit.

I am a very nosey person, so I just love to see what others girls like to carry around in their bags. That is why I thought it is only fair when I show you what I carry in mine. Today I will talk about what my essentials are when I choose a medium sized bag. I think this is my most favourite kind of size when it comes to bags because I don't feel like I miss anything but I also don't get as tempted to simply pack my whole house (that backpain..). 


Monday, August 15, 2016

How to find the perfect nude lipstick for you.

It is debatable if Kim K invented the nude lip (definitely true) but it is surely not debatable that it is absolutely the most versatile look of all. You can wear it casually with your daily makeup or pimp it with a smokey eye for your nights out. As easy as it sounds, it is much more complicated than that. The right shade with the right undertone will determine if you look fresh and flirty or more like a zombie. So how do you find the right nude lipstick for your complexion? 

Sunday, August 14, 2016

My go-to Breakfast.

So, I have this thing with food. If I find something I really really like I will eat it all the time until I get bored of it. I am not the breakfast kinda person, so if I find something I enjoy eating in the morning, I will stick to it even more. I feel like savory things don't really do anything for me in the morning, I'm all about that sweet life. But trying to be healthy and all we should stick to the good kind of sweet, right? (RIP Chocopops) My go-to breakfast is really easy to make, which is definitely a plus for those who struggle to even open their eyes before 8 am (including me here, haha).