Sunday, March 12, 2023

How I take care of my dry hair.

Kerastase Hair oil - How I take care of my dry hair

If you follow me for a while, you probably know that I had a few different hair color’s in recent years. I am naturally a brunette, decided I wanted red hair for a while. This was fun for about a year, but when I wanted to return to my natural hair colour, I accidentally turned my hair black… opps. 

I tried to talk myself into liking it but this really was not my colour. I looked like all the life has been sucked out of me. So I went to my hairdresser and we started on the journey to becoming a blonde. I loved my blonde balayage so much. And with every appointment I turned lighter and lighter. To be honest, blonde is probably still my fave colour on myself. However, the frequent salon visits and the damage the bleach did to my hair made me decide to go back to my brunette self. 

Eventhough no bleach or colour has touched my hair in a few years now, the ends are still telling the story of the many many bleach cycles they have been through. 

So taking care of my dry hair has been so important to me. Today I want to talk about my fave product, that really helped me with getting that shine and softness back. 

Kerastase Hair oil - How I take care of my dry hair

I simply cannot go a day without using the Kerastase Elixir Ultime L‘huile hair oil. I am simply obsessed. In general Kerastase is my go-to hair care brand. Yes, their products are not exactly in the ‚affordable‘ price range but for me is the price is more than justified. 

But if you only buy one Kerastase product, let it be this oil! I use it after styling / blow drying my hair. I simply add 1-2 pumps to my finger tips and then run them through the ends of my hair. I like to concentrate on the lower half of my hair. When I use it too far up my roots get a bit too oily too quickly. It leaves my hair so soft, nourished and silky smooth. And the smell is to die for also… 

Have you tried any Kerastase products yet? 

x Lisa


Thursday, October 27, 2022

My Kiehls Go-To Products.

Kiehl’s Favourite Products

Kiehl’s Favourite Products

Kiehl‘s has been one of my ride or die brands when it comes to skincare / bodycare for ages now. I just always know, that whatever I pick up from them, I will love. Definitely a brand that should earn so much more recognition! 

Recently I have been re-discovering some of my old faves from their range and I thought I should really share them with you guys. Especially because I believe they should be hyped so much more. 

Kiehl‘s Favourite Products

Let‘s get into my current go-to face mask: 

Kiehl‘s Avocado Nourishing Hydration Mask 

I have been focusing so much more on hydration for my skin, especially after turning 30 recently. I picked this mask up on a whim and omg, let me tell you. I am in love! The texture really is almost avocado-like, so is the colour. The scent is pretty neutral which I always prefer. I mostly leave the mask on a bit longer than recommended and my skin simply feels so soft and replenished after. Right now I use it about once a week. 

Kiehl‘s Creamy Eye Treatment Avocado 

This is the product that inspired me to pick up the Avocado Mask. I have been obsessed with this eye cream of years at this point. I often use other ones in between but always fall back to this one. It is so rich, so cream, so hydrating but also light and not too heavy the same time. Simply a perfect mix. Again, the scent is very neutral and I just love it. This one is a product that is worth their hype for sure! 

Kiehl‘s Rice & Wheat Volumizing Shampoo

My boyfriend actually bought himself this shampoo and I tried it (aka stole it) a few times and omg, my hair has never felt so hydrated, yet light and bouncy at the same time. Normally I feel like you have to almost choose between hydration and volume. Hydrating hair products almost always weigh  down my hair, while volumizing products almost always dry my hair out. This is the best of both worlds. So the next time I passed the Kiehl‘s shop I immediately picked up the larger bottle of this product. I adore it! 

What are your go-to Kiehl‘s products? 

The Ultra Facial Cream and the Midnight Recovery Concentrate have been two of my other faves, that I am just not using at the minute. But I am not gonna lie, writing this I already put them in my basket… 

x Lisa


Friday, June 24, 2022

How I got my home summer-ready.

*This post contains gifted items

I am a huge fan of seasons and the change they bring with them. It‘s like a new beginning every few months. In the autumn / winter time I always feel the need to change up my wardrobe. I just live for autumn fashion. However, spring / summer time has always been about giving my home a little freshen up. Of course, I can‘t change up my furniture every year. So what I do like to do is switching out some decor items, like new cushions, some new vases, and of course new art for my walls. 

So today I am sharing with you some new prints around my home and maybe inspire you to also switch up your decor for the new season. 

Desenio do my favourite posters, and their picture frames always fit the vibe perfectly!

Poster from left to right: In the Reeds / Autumn Nature

Poster from left to right: Your direction / William Morris Willow Bough / Line Flower

Do you already have some Desenio prints in your home? 

x Lisa