About Lisa

Hi everybody, 

I am Lisa, 25, living in Germany. I actually started this blog back in 2010, together with my younger sister. We called it "sisters-closet". Being very young we did not know where our journey would lead us, resulting in a lot of trial and error. But that's part of the fun, right? Eight years later and I am still not at the end of my journey. Which looking at it now might even be a good thing. 

After a few offline years, I decided to give this blog a fresh start in late 2016. I wanted to make it more "me". So I started brainstorming what that can be. Unfortunately, the name Lisa is a very international one so kind of every domain with the name was already taken. My last name, however, is very complicated (even for Germans haha) so I needed something else. I tried to think about something I love, something that symbolises change. So I came up with "autumn". To me, autumn is pure change. As soon as October comes around I get super excited. The air gets crisp and clear, your wardrobe transforms, which to me is the most fun part, and my favourite seasons of the year begin.

Enough about the name, but what can you expect from this blog? The answer is simple: almost everything. It is everything from the latest recipe I tried, my most worn bag of the month, my favourite foundation or just some tips and tricks on how to be more productive. 

If you fancy a chat or want to ask me a question tweet me @thelisaautumn or visit my Instagram @lisa.autumn

Thanks for reading!
Lisa xx

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