Sunday, March 17, 2019

Style Staples | Spring Edit.

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The weather might not be cooperating just yet, but I am already planning my spring wardrobe and I couldn't be more excited! YAY! As you probably know I mostly stick to neutral colors and all black looks. But I do love to inject some soft colors in the springtime with some fun accessories, like bags and shoes. So today I want to share with you my spring style staples.

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I recently added this beaut pale pink mini Kensington by Kurt Geiger to my collection and I already have so many outfit ideas. For someone whos wardrobe mostly consists of black dresses, a cute pink bag can easily upgrade your look from winter to spring. 

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11

How cute are the wedges and the polka dot tote? Next on my wishlist is the new Kurt Geiger pink petal saddle bag. I mean how cute is this one? OBSESSED! Or maybe I should go for the green version? I am normally not someone who loves green.. but this shade of green is honestly to die for.

What are your spring style staples?

x Lisa

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Travel Guide | India.

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If you are following me on Instagram or Twitter, you probably know that I have recently come back from my three week trip to India. I feel like I have been looking forward to these three weeks for ages. And while I felt like the trip went by so incredibly quickly, I also feel like I have been gone forever. I experienced so much in such little time. We traveled to a new place almost every second day. This was mostly possible due to precise planning but also due to the fact that we were so open to whatever might happen. So today I want to share with you all my tips and tricks to travel around India.

The first thing you will have to look into is your visa. I obviously can't give you a universal answer, as it mostly depends on the country you are applying from. A lot of countries, however, are eligible to apply for the Tourist e-Visa and that's what I did. (Just FYI I am from Germany). I strongly recommend applying for it directly at the Government of India website. I am aware that there are services that charge some money and then do the application for you. But if you have a bit more than a basic understanding of English, I am sure you can do it yourself. Not only is it cheaper, but you also avoid getting scammed. Also be aware of websites that imitate the official website, just to get your credit card information.

Where to go
India is such a huge country with an incredible amount of vastly different climates, landscapes, and languages. It was important to me to see as many as different places in those three weeks. Just be aware that traveling in India is much more time consuming and tiring as it might be in your home country. For example, a distance of 300km could easily be done in 3 hours in Germany. In India, such a trip could cost you 8 or even 10 hours if you are really unlucky. That's why air travel is a good option if you have to cover long distances.

Our trip started out in Delhi, where we took a car (with driver) to Bareilly. Those 300km took us almost 6 hours. After attending a wedding, we took the same trip back to New Delhi Airport, which took us almost 9 hours due to really bad traffic. From there we took a flight to Goa. Goa is a beautiful state in the south of India. It's a popular place for travelers who want the extremely warm weather of India all year round (30 degrees Celsius in winters). Goa has a lot of beautiful beaches. Once we hired a car (Goa is a good place to drive yourself, if you really want to), we went even more south in Goa to skip the crowds of tourists in North Goa. We rented an Airbnb in the Canacona area and in my opinion it was the best decision ever. The beaches (Galgibag beach was my fave) were almost empty, yet absolutely beautiful. If you are willing to drive an additional 2-3 hours from Panjim, which is the capital of Goa, you are with rewarded with beautiful secluded beaches. However, if you want to Party and you don't mind loads of people, Panjim is the way to go. 

After a few days in Goa, we heavyheartedly took a flight back to New Delhi. After exploring New Delhi for a few days, we hired yet another car to go to Agra. You might have not heard of Agra, but you most likely have heard of the Taj Mahal which is located in Agra. I absolutely loved Agra and would say it's a must-see if you come to India the first time. If you decide to stop in Agra, please also consider visiting the SOS Wildlife Elephant Conservation and Care Center. Just write them an E-Mail beforehand and choose a time slot. Please make time for such an important place and cause. I don't want to go in depth about this issue in this post, but the abuse and exploration of animals, especially elephants in India is still a huge problem and it is important to get educated and spread the message.

After a couple of days in Agra, we took our car and went more west to Jaipur. Agra and Jaipur are pretty well connected and the 240km took as around 4 hours. Jaipur was an amazing experience. The Amber Fort is absolutely beautiful and in my opinion equally worth seeing as the Taj Mahal. Plus, the Amber Fort is not as crowded and you have more time and space to explore. 

The next day we drove further west to Jodhpur. The 340km took us around 6 hours. Jodhpur was another beautiful place, which is called the blue city. Because of its many blue buildings. If you want to visit the blue city, you should visit the Mehrangarh Fort and do the Flying Fox zip line around the fort to get the most incredible view. However, if you have less time to spend in India, I recommend skipping Jodhpur.

Initially, we had planned to drive all the way from Jodhpur back to New Delhi. But after traveling so much and realizing how long everything takes we were unsure if this would be the smartest idea. So while coming back we booked another night in Jaipur and continued our journey back to India's capital in the morning. We yet again spent a few days in New Delhi and then made our journey back to Germany.

What to pack
This obviously totally depends on when and where you go. February was still considered winter in India and it was indeed a bit chilly in the evenings. So definitely pack a light coat, maybe just a thick cardigan for the evenings. Otherwise, I would say try to pack things that you can layer. The weather is quite unpredictable. If you go further south you obviously have to pack for warmer weather. In Goa, I mostly lived in linen dresses or my bikini and sandals.

I found a lot of practical pieces on Planet Sports. For footwear, I highly recommend a comfortable pair of sneakers and sandals, regardless of where you go. A roomy outdoor backpack for your day trips is another must. Sunglasses and some sort of sun hat would always be a good idea. And regardless of when or where you go: consider and respect their culture and don't wear anything too revealing like deep cut shirts or extremely short skirts.

When it comes to toiletries you should definitely take toilet paper/ paper tissues with you as not every public toilet will have that available for you. I recommend buying anti-mosquito sprays and gels in India itself, as they are more suitable for their kind of mosquitos. Also, don't forget your sunscreen, blister plasters, antibacterial sprays/gels, and earplugs.

Something most people worry about before going to India is hygiene. Yes, you definitely have to be careful not to get sick. But out of the ten people I was with nobody fell seriously ill. Here are a few tips on how to prevent falling sick in India:

- get your vaccination
- always disinfect your hands before eating
- avoid salads and anything that is raw/uncooked
- fruits, like bananas, that you peel yourself are fine
- I would stay away from berries or anything that you don't peel
- ONLY drink water from bottles that have been sealed properly
- don't buy water from sellers that come to your car or street vendors in general, as these bottles are often refilled with unfiltered water
- when you buy soda or beer cans, either sterilize the can first or pour it into a glass and then drink

What to shop
If you go to Jaipur, you have to check out their jewelry. Jaipur is famous for its stones. I personally got myself a beautiful ring and it's simply something special. You'll remember your trip every time you look at it. 

Agra is a great place to buy marble goods. I got a few pieces as I absolutely adore marble. But of course, you have to consider that marble is quite heavy and delicate to transport. So maybe stick to small pieces. 

Another thing that is quite inexpensive, at least compared to Germany, is tailoring. I got a blazer tailored for myself and my sister's boyfriend got a whole (Indian style) suit made. My blazer cost me about 80 which is around the price I would pay for a Zara blazer anyway. And now I have one which fits like a glove and is made out of the fabric and buttons that I chose. 

If you have any more questions, like recommendations for hotels, restaurants and so on, you can comment, tweet or Instagram message me anytime. 

x Lisa

Sunday, March 3, 2019

The Ultimate Nude Lipsticks.

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Nude is a color I am always automatically drawn to. Be it nude clothes, nail polish, home accesoires or lipsticks. However, there are so many shades of nude and sometimes it can be quite tricky to find the right undertone for your complexion, especially when it comes to lipstick. So today I want to share with you a little guide to find the perfect nude lipstick for yourself and also introduce you to some of my personal faves. 

If you are pale and cool-toned like me, you should probably go for a shade with a pink undertone. Girls with a more olive tone to their skin should definitely avoid lipsticks that are lighter than their skin, that will make you look washed out. Medium skin tones can pull off kind of everything but look best with a hint of peach. Girls with very dark skin tones will look the freshest with darker chocolatey nudes without a peachy or pinky undertone. If you go by those rules you won't look like you are staring in 'the walking dead'.

After you decided on the color scheme, you should think about which finish you want. The easiest to pull off would be a glossy finish. It looks good in every shade and makes you look fresh. Another pro is that your lips don't have to be in the best state. For a matte nude lip, you definitely need to give your lips a good scrub before applying. Nude matte lipsticks tend to highlight the uneven bits of your lips even more. But I personally love the look of a matte nude lip, even when it's more work.

With those things in mind, you should be able to rock a nude lip without any effort. 

When it comes to a matte liquid lip I absolutely adore the YSL Tatouage Couture Matte Stains in 7, which is more of a true nude and 11, which is quite pink. My go-to liquid lipstick, however, is the bareMinerals liquid lipstick in 'swag'. Again a very cool toned pinky nude. I also adore the Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Lips in 'Dolly Bird'. 

Tom Ford lipsticks are along my fave lipstick formula. My go-to shades in the nude spectrum are 'Indian Rose', 'Pink Dusk', 'All Mine' and 'Blush Nude'. If I want something lighter and more on the glossy side I love Armani Rouge d'Armani in 103, Clinique Pop in '04 Beige Pop', Chanel Rouge Coco in '402 Adrienne' and YSL Rouge Volupte Shine in 47. 

What are your fave nude lipsticks?

x Lisa

Sunday, February 24, 2019

How To Write Your Thesis Efficiently (& Without Panicking).

Yes, I have done it. I recently handed in my Master thesis. I actually can't believe how fast the last two years went by and I am more than excited, nervous and scared of what life has in store for me now. But this is something to be discussed in a different post. Today I want to talk about how I went about writing my thesis and almost finishing it two months before the deadline. 

I have to admit I was panicking a bit before starting my thesis, as it was such a huge project for me. Of course, I wrote my Bachelor Thesis before and I actually had a good experience with it. But I was still quite unsure on how to go about writing my final Thesis. Additionally, I had planned a month long trip to India for the end of my semester. So I had practically one month less than planned. Of course, this was all on me. But I just knew I can make it. 

So how to go about writing your thesis in the most efficient, and less stressful way?

It starts with the topic
Of course, we don't all have the luxury of freely choosing what we want our thesis to be about. But if you can, choose something that really interests you, not what might look easy. Because the easiest for you will be to write about something you are passionate or curious about. 

Make a gameplan and stick to it
This is the most vital part of making the process of writing your thesis the least stressful it can possibly be. Before you start to do anything else, get yourself a calendar and map out how long you have until you have to hand it your thesis. Then block out all the dates that you know you won't be working on it. Like birthdays, vacations, Christmas or even exams you have to prepare for. And be generous. If you think you'll work all the way through Christmas, you probably won't. And it's better to already factor those days in. Go back to this plan once you have an approximate idea what the structure of your thesis is going to be and then map out which chapter you have to have finished at which date in order to meet your deadline comfortably. 

Be generous with deadlines
Never ever try to cut your deadlines short. If you think you can finish 8 pages per week. Make it 5 on your plan. Yes, sometimes you will write 12 pages, sometimes only one. That not only depends on your own motivation and ability, this also factors in for the fact that every chapter required a different amount of research and preparation. Also, you should always consider that something unplanned might happen, like getting sick. It's always nice if you are ahead of your own deadlines, and if you are not there is no need to panic as you set them so generously. And don't forget to schedule in a few extra weeks to get your thesis proofread and printed. 

Schedule in your social life
As much as you want to finish your thesis as early as possible, please don't neglect your social life. This will make you burn out quickly and you won't work as efficient anymore. Having a few days off every now and then really helps. I used to make sure to have weekends off, and if I took a day off during the week, I would just work an extra day on the weekend. 

Start with the main part & finish with the introduction 
One thing I hear over and over again is that people already give up right at the beginning when they try and write their introduction. This way you only waste days and days without getting anywhere. The better approach is to dive right in with the main part. The introduction basically writes itself at the end, when you are already so deep in your research and accumulated all of this knowledge. So don't sweat the small stuff. 

Paint the bigger picture first
Similarly to the last tip, it's always best to just go for it and write, after a bit of preparation of course. Yes, it won't sound perfect in the beginning. But just paint the bigger picture first and then take a look at the details in the end. Don't overthink every single word and phrasing right away. Maybe the tone of your thesis will change completely over time. So it is much more efficient to think about the details when everything else is done. 

Don't be afraid to ask for help
Of course, we all want to seem extremely independent and professional, so we avoid asking for help at all cost. But you might be actually doing more harm than good to your work. If there is a point where you are actually stuck or confused, don't be afraid to reach out to your professor. That is not a sign of weakness, it actually shows that you really care about your thesis and its outcome. Of course, always try and solve your problem yourself first, but if you can't there is no shame in asking for help. 

I really hope this helped!

x Lisa

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Let's Talk About Minimalism & My Closet.

Minimalism is everywhere right now. Maybe it's just because I am looking into this topic quite intensively in the past few months, but I feel like there are more and more blog posts and youtube videos coming out about how to and why to streamline your life. I find the idea absolutely fascinating and if you want to look into the topic further, I highly suggest 'Minimalism' and 'Tidying Up with Marie Kondo', the author of the book 'The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying' on Netflix and the Youtube videos by Matt D'Avella

And if you are still a bit skeptical, stick with me. I have to admit that minimalism was never something that really interested me. Why? Because I love clothes, bags, and shoes. Guess what? You can still love clothes, bags, and shoes and live a minimalist lifestyle at the same time. The same goes for the hundreds and hundreds of books on your shelves that bring you pure joy when you look at them or your collection of mugs in your kitchen cupboard that remind you of all the places you traveled to. Because minimalism is not about getting rid of everything but what you need to survive. It's about getting rid of what you don't need in your life and the excess that we live in daily. 
I am sure that when you take a look around the room that you are sitting in right now, there is at least one thing that you wouldn't mind getting rid of. And this is exactly what it's all about. If you heard about Marie Kondo you probably heard about the phrase 'does this spark joy?'. And if it does, it should stay. If it doesn't, you can and should let it go. 

For example, think about the drawer in your kitchen that is filled with knives. There are probably one or two knives you always use. And sometimes you even wash these knives per hand just so you don't need to use one of those cheap horrible knives. Why are they still in your life? 

Minimalism looks different for everyone. My boyfriend is hugely into minimalism as well, and his closet also looks like it. He has like three different styles of t-shirts and long sleeves that he loves and just bought a few of them in different colors. The same goes for shirts. And he loves not having to take ages to decide what he wants to wear that day. He always says that it is one decision less he has to make on a daily basis and he can use this mental capacity for something more important. And as much as I think he is right. I can't live like that. I love having the choice of different styles, patterns and colors in my closet. I love combining different pieces and creating new outfits. And I love to shop. Yes, I said it. I love to shop, and this is a post about minimalism. 

But there are very strict rules I stick to and that have transformed my wardrobe over the past year. 

Firstly, don't shop for the sake of it, shop out of necessity. I used to scroll through online shops all the time, absolutely aimlessly. It was like a habit, just to see what is new in the shops. Now I only go (online) shopping when I exactly know what I need. This saves you so much time, money and space in your closet. 

Also, think about if you do not already have something similar in your closet. All too often I find a beautiful long sleeves black dress that is so my style. But just because it speaks to me, doesn't mean I need it in my life. Especially when I already have a few other dresses that do the exact same job. 

Then, it's always important for me to invest in something that I really love and that is of higher quality. Have you ever been on the lookout for a new coat? And you found two that you loved. One is absolutely perfect, but it's much more expensive. The other one is almost perfect... but there are just one or two details that are off. But hey, it's 300 bucks less. But I am here to tell you, that (if you can afford to) always go for the higher quality one which fulfills ALL your needs. Don't compromise. Because if you compromise, I promise you, you will be on the hunt for a new coat in the next season. And if you do that a couple of times, you could have got the perfect coat right away, right?

These are just a few rules I follow in order to prevent me from overflowing my wardrobe with random things I neither need nor really want. But before you implement these or your own rules, it is important to set the foundation for your new minimalism closet.. sort out your wardrobe: 

Marie Kondo has a beautiful technique on how to sort out your wardrobe. Basically, you have to put everything you own on to one pile, maybe on your bed. Yes, everything! This might sound a bit overwhelming but it's so helpful. Then, you should go through every item and take your time. Touch it, look at it. When was the last time I wore it? Does this item bring me joy? Lastly, it's also about how to put everything back into your closet. I personally use Marie's folding technique. That way I see everything I own at once, and I am not simply picking up whatever is on top of the pile. 

And if you are not convinced yet. Imagine opening your wardrobe and ONLY seeing your favorite outfits? No ill-fitting clothes that you just keep for the sake of it, and not because you actually love them. 

I would love to hear your thoughts on this!
x Lisa


Sunday, February 10, 2019

The Foolproof Guide To False Lashes.

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I remember absolutely hating the idea of false lashes just a few years back. I found the idea of gluing something directly onto my lashline extremely intimidating. I was also very worried about what happens if they decide to fall off randomly and I would be left with no visible lashes. However, I simply tried it one day at home and since then I just can't go without it. Okay, I don't wear them on a daily basis, but whenever I want to put a bit more effort into my makeup, false lashes can't be missing. And trust me, it's not as hard as it seems. So today, I thought I'd share with you my foolproof guide to false lashes. 

The right tools
To me, a good lash application totally depends on the right tools. I have personally trusted Ardell lashes, especially the Wispies and Demi Wispies for years now. Not only do they look extremely natural. But they also are so easy to work with as the band is very thin and flexible. For glue, I always go for the original Duo glue which dries clear. Individual lashes might look even more natural, but I find them quite hard to use and they just take so much longer. But of course, that's up to you. For the application, you can use dedicated lash applicators, tweezers or simply your fingers. I sometimes use my fingers and sometimes my lash applicator.

Trim it 
Not everyone's eye shape and size are the same. That's why you might need to trim the lashes before you can use them. Simply hold the lash against your upper lashline and if you need, just cut the band on the outer corner of the lash. Never ever cut the inner corner, as this will make it look very unnatural and out of place. 

Glue it
Now you need to apply the glue. Simply swipe the glue applicator along the lash band and focus most of the glue on the corners. Then let the glue dry for about thirty seconds to a minute, until it starts to get tacky. 

Start with the middle
Firstly, you should start by focussing on the middle of the lash and position it properly. Try to take the falsies as close to your natural lash line as possible. Then push the outer corner in place and lastly the inner corner.

Focus on the inner corner
The part that makes the most problems is always the inner corner of your lashes. So make sure they are properly in place, don't poke your eye and they are stuck securely.

Press in place
While you let the lashes dry you can press the band against your lash line, again focus on your inner corner. I personally press against the lashes itself and also try and 'brush' them upwards with my finger, to make sure they are not tilting down.

I sometimes put on mascara before the application and then just leave out the blending in the end. However, for the best result, you should use mascara in the end, to blend in your natural with your fake lashes. Avoid using waterproof mascara.

Take them off
Now it's time to take off your falsies. Simply grab one corner of the lashes (the band, not the actual lashes) with your fingers and slowly peel them off. This won't hurt, don't worry. Then remove the glue from the band by holding onto the band with two fingers and use other two fingers, or tweezers, to gently pull off the dried glue. I always store my lashes in their original packaging to make sure they don't go out of shape. But I am sure there are dedicated storage boxes for lashes. 

Congrats, you are done! And don't forget: practice makes perfect.

x Lisa

Sunday, February 3, 2019

How To Instantly Feel More Put Together.

A couple of months back I wrote a post about  'how to look more put together'. You guys have absolutely loved it and it was one of my favorite posts to write in a long time. So today I thought I would do something similar but different at the same time: 'how to instantly feel more put together'. Yes, of course when you look more put together you might also feel more put together. But at least to me, there is so much more to it than just what you choose to wear.. 

Give yourself a pep talk.
This might seem cringe at first.. but it really helps. Ever heard the saying 'fake it til you make it?'. Well, giving yourself a pep talk works similarly. You don't have to stand in front of a mirror and give yourself positive affirmation, but of course you can do that. Simply changing your thoughts from anxious negative assumptions about yourself to positive and uplifting compliments can make a huge difference. Think about what you like about yourself or what others might have complimented you on... and give yourself credit for that. And even if you can't think of anything.. by simply telling yourself that you are smart and capable over and over again, you are more likely to believe it in the end and act accordingly. 

Posture is key. 
I repeat.. posture is key. Not only does a bad posture make you look insecure and demotivated. But it also makes you feel like that as well. How are you supposed to feel strong and capable when you hunch over and just stare at the floor while walking. So lift yourself up, look people in the eyes and most importantly: check-in where your shoulders are! This is something you have to work on for months and months and won't come easily over night.. it's a progress. So don't beat yourself up when you find yourself in a bad posture from time to time. 

Just smile (even if you don't feel like it). 
Another case of 'fake it til you make it'. Did you know that by simply smiling, even if you don't feel like it, your brain produces hormones that make you happier? Just because you are pretending to be. So give it a try, even if it seems hard. 

Choose a soundtrack. 
We all have that song, whenever we hear it we just can't sit still. Our feet want to dance, our fingers want to join the rhythm on our desk and even though we are in a public space we can't help but humming along to it. Remember which song this is for you and write it down. The next time you feel out of control and everything seems to go wrong.. play this song. 

Wash your face (yes, seriously).
This seems so trivial but simply washing your face (or just take a shower when you have time and you are actually at home) is a game changer. There is something about the cold water which not only refreshes your skin but also your mood at the same time. This is always the last thing I try but it never fails to help. 

What are your tips on how to feel more put together?
x Lisa

Sunday, January 27, 2019

What To Wear This Valentine's Day.

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It's almost February and this means it's almost Valentine's Day. I actually always loved this day. Of course, you can and should do something romantic for your partner more often than just once a year. But a special day just for your loved one is a beautiful idea. And this day is not about presents to me. It's all about spending time with each other. But even when you are not in a relationship, why not spoiling yourself on Valentine's Day? Whatever your plans are, with your significant other or just on your own. I think it's the perfect occasion to dress up and change up the outfits you would normally be wearing. 

As you know, I am all about the neutrals. So you won't find any bright pinks or reds in my closet. So I wouldn't necessarily go out and get a bubblegum pink dress just for that day. But I think it's the perfect opportunity to bring in some color with some Valentine's Day appropriate shoes and bags. My fave thing to shop for anyway. 

Here are some of my faves by Kurt Geiger. A brand I am completely obsessed with right now. I have the grey Kingly flats and ADORE them. So sparkly, flattering and comfortable. And the best.. they are on sale right now and there are a few sizes left. But I might need to get some red heels soon?

The Shoes

The Bags

What are your plans for this Valentine's Day?

x Lisa

Sunday, January 20, 2019

All About That Glow.

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Who is not all about that glow? I know it might be a trend thing but it's been stuck around for quite some time now. Do you guys remember when everything was about looking as matte and non-oily as possible? These days the line between looking oily and looking glowy is very blurry. But I like it that way! 

Today I will share with you my go-to products for a glowy look. And please don't forget to leave me your recommendations in the comments. 


I honestly feel like looking glowy is way easier when you are a bit more tanned. I am naturally very, very pale. So unless I just came from a sunny holiday I need some extra help there. For these days I love to use the *Charlotte Tilbury Bronze & Glow Mask. You simply use it in the night and you will wake up with that sun-kissed look. But don't worry. It's not that intense and it's buildable. So if you want it a bit darker, just use it a couple nights in a row. I am obsessed. 

My primer of choice is *Wonderglow by Charlotte Tilbury. I use this daily for a couple of months and don't see myself changing to another one anytime soon. It's not one of those horrible slippery silicone feeling primers. It's amazing. If I want a bit of extra glow I mix it in with my foundation instead of using it under it.

The star of this post is without a doubt the new *Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter. (I know another CT product.. but it's my favourite brand so I hope you forgive me). At first, I was a bit confused with what this product actually is. Is it a primer, a foundation or a highlighter? It's a bit of everything. I sometimes use it under my makeup, sometimes on its own and sometimes only on my cheekbones for a natural-looking glow. It also comes in 7 shades. So there should be one for everybody. If you only get one of the products from this post.. this is it!

If we think about glow we all probably think about powder highlighter first. And even though I don't think it's the only way to get the look, I think it's a pretty important part. I sometimes skip a powder highlighter when I want to go for a very natural look. But on most days the *Filmstar Bronze & Glow palette by Charlotte Tilbury is a must for me. 

I bet you all heard about the *YSL Touche Eclat a million times. But it is for a good reason. I get this one out everytime I had didn't get enough sleep and need some help in the under-eye area. It doesn't have too much coverage so I use it more like a brightening than a concealing product. 

The finishing touch to a fresh glowy look would be the eyes. I am not someone who likes to use a lot of eyeshadow. I just find it too time-consuming. But a quick wash with one colour over my lids always sounds fab to me. *"Jean" by Charlotte Tilbury is the perfect product for this. A subtle and natural looking champagne-gold with a slight shimmer. Gorgeous. 

I would love to hear about your favourite products to achieve a glowy makeup look!

xx Lisa

Sunday, January 13, 2019

How To Organise Your Professional & Personal Life.

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The new year has just started and if you are anything like me, you loooove an occasion to re-organize your life. Be it sorting out your closet, cleaning out your makeup or like today: thinking about how to most effectively organize your professional and personal life. Whether or not you are working from home, all of us have to juggle our private life and work schedule. So today I would like to share with you my top tips on how to wing both of them at the same time. 

Have two different planners 
This is something I tried out over the past year and found it worked perfectly for me. I love having two different planners for my work and my personal life. My work planner should ideally be more detailed and in-depth but with my personal planner, I like to go lighter and also have some fun with the design. Of course, this is different for everyone, but my personal planner consists mostly of appointments and to do lists so I just don't need as much space as I do with my work planner. But if this idea is just too much for you and you are scared you might get confused with the two: another good way to distinguish these two areas is using different colors in your planner. Maybe a blue pen for your work and a black one for your private life?

Blackout timeslots
So, now you have set up your new planner(s).. and what now? It might be extremely tempting to go all in and schedule every single minute of your days to a certain task and get on that 'girl boss mentality'. But if you do that, trust me.. you will most likely feel like a failure in a couple of days time. Realistically tasks sometimes take longer to accomplish and other times something unexpected happens which takes away another hour from your day. Blacking out certain time slots in your day is essential. Maybe schedule one blank hour a day for your work things and one blank hour for your personal life. This way you ensure to meet your end goals for the day and in turn, you keep being motivated. 

Prioritize & create boundaries
This is especially important when you work from home. But even when you have a more traditional job, creating boundaries is essential to achieve that work-life balance. Make sure you set yourself clear deadlines for the day when you have to be done with work and your personal life starts. Also, try not to do anything work related on weekends and if you have to, schedule another day during the week to have just for yourself. It is essential to have those downtimes for ourselves. Without them, we are less productive in our work life and less happy in our personal lives. So having those down times to yourself is a win-win for everyone. Your family and your employer. 

Do not apologize, but explain
Everyone's life and everyone's jobs are very different. So obviously all of us make different decisions when it comes to work and life schedules. This is something everyone has to understand. So please do not feel pressured to apologize for getting work done when others are having their well-earned fun times. But explaining why this is so important right now and how you will get back that time in the future always helps. 

Make those calls 
In order to not neglect your personal life while climbing that career ladder, you sometimes have to force yourself to take the first step. Scheduling in calling your family and friends and setting dates to meet up is essential. Put it right up there on your to-do list. This is sometimes easier said than done, but it is so worth it. And if we are honest.. these calls only take a couple of minutes out of our morning. No excuses!

Eliminate distractions & procrastination
This is vital to work effectively and to ensure you get enough personal time. Yes, sometimes even I am tempted to check my personal emails or to quickly scroll through Instagram when I am supposed to get work done. But if you do that, you are simply sabotaging yourself. Because those few moments do not feel like proper 'me' time but they still take away from that proper 'me' time. If you just keep being focused you will finish your tasks much earlier and you will have so much more time to spend on yourself and really enjoy it. So disable those Buzzfeed push notifications and maybe put your phone on flight mode for a couple of hours. 

x Lisa

Sunday, January 6, 2019

How To Make Your Home Smell Amazing.

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Since I moved to our new apartment in December, I have been all about the small things to make our home more homely. One of the things, that may seem small, but actually, make the biggest difference is how your home smells. And it's so fun as well. I love changing up scents to go hand in hand with the new season. Today I will share with you different ways to make your home smell exactly the way you want it. 

Candles are probably the most obvious choice when it comes to bringing a beautiful scent to your house. And it's probably also my fave. It not only makes the room smell like cookies, roses or fresh linen, but candles also give the room a coziness that no artificial light can. My current go-to candles are the Woodwick candles, as they not only smell amazing, but they also give this cozy crinkle sound which reminds me of a fireplace. All the cozy vibes.

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On the other side, you might not think about handsoaps when it comes to scent your house. And obviously, a good smelling soap is not something you notice all the time. However, have you ever been to a really fancy restaurant or hotel and their soap smelled so amazing that it made yourself feel even fancier? Well, if you want to go for that, then I can only recommend the Aesop handsoaps. Literally, the packaging and the actual soap are amazing and I feel like my hands smell luxurious even an hour after washing them.

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A diffuser is a great alternative to a candle when you want something that constantly smells nice, even when you are not at home or you have children around and you'd prefer not to have a candle burning. I love to use a diffuser in the bathroom, as I don't tend to light a candle there.

Diffuser: Max Benjamin
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A room spray is kind of an 'emergency' tool for me. Your home smells instantly beautiful, without having to wait for the scent of the candle or diffuser to spread. Especially great after cooking an Indian meal by the way. 
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What do you like to use to make your home smell amazing?

x Lisa