Sunday, April 15, 2018

How To Spring Clean Your Life.

It's the time. It's finally spring. At least it finally started looking like spring, a bit. We still had loads of snow in March so I am so grateful for every bit of sunshine I can get at the moment. 

I don't know what it is about spring, but I feel like it's the time to get your life together. I guess that's why a lot of people get the urge to deep clean their home around this time of year. I do feel the same. But I like to take it a step further and not just clean out my home, but also try to tidy up almost every aspect of my life. 

So today I will share with you my favourite tips to spring clean your life.

1. The good old wardrobe clean out 
Okay this one, besides giving your kitchen a deep clean, is pretty obvious. But at least for me, it has one of the biggest effects on how I feel. I know some people have a lot of trouble letting things go. You might think "I will wear it when I will go to some tropical island.. maybe.. one day.. hopefully" or "this will look amazing when I drop the 20 pounds I wanted to lose for ages" or "I wore this the first time I went to this amazing Japanese restaurant with him and we laughed the whole night and I think I fell in love with him right there and then". Well, guess what. Even if you ever get to go on this tropical holiday or you manage to lose the weight, you can always buy something new and it will make you feel even more excited about it. And when it comes to memories, they will stay even if you give away the purple polka dot dress that you never even take out the closet to look at. And why? Because the memories are in your head, not in your closet. (The same goes for cleaning out your makeup stash, I know.. scary thing!)

2. Redecorate
It's not only about sorting things out, but it's also about changing things up. I am not someone who loves a lot of decorations and tiny things on the shelves. But why not get some new cushion covers or bed sheets? A new plant is also an amazing idea. Even the tiniest changes can make you feel energized and inspired.

3. Clean out your social media 
Well, when we spring clean our life we sometimes forget to tidy up our virtual life as well. But it's so important as well. So go to your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or even Tinder and sort through your posts, your pictures, your friends or follow list and maybe delete a few or even find some new fun and inspiring profiles to follow.

4. Update & Backup 
This is something I love to do multiple times a year and not just in spring. But a little reminder never hurts. Do all the annoying updates on your laptop, phone or tablet. And don't forget to backup if you don't have the automated backup option on. It's a small thing but it makes the biggest difference.

5. Make those appointments
Last but not least: make those appointments. You know exactly which ones I mean. The appointments you think about once a while and you promise yourself you will make them soon, but in reality, you will postpone it further and further. Be it the dentist, the gynaecologist, the allergy test you wanted to get done for ages or the appointment with your accountant that you really, really need to book soon but you really, really don't want to. Guess what, it takes a few minutes and you will feel like such a badass afterwards. 

So these are my tips on spring cleaning your life. I would love to hear yours! 

x Lisa


Sunday, April 8, 2018

The Look | Spring Edit.

Today I have something special for you. I am doing a whole face of makeup only using Charlotte Tilbury products! Her brand is by far my absolute favourite out there and if I would have to choose I would happily buy her products for the rest of my life. So let's get started with my spring look...

1. Primer
You guys know how much I love my Wonderglow Primer.. so of course, I had to use it for this look. 

2. Foundation 
For this look, I am actually using two foundations. I applied the Light Wonder all over my face and used the Magic Foundation in the areas where I need a bit more coverage. The perfect combination. 

3. Powder
A very hyped product by CT is the Airbrush Flawless Finish Powder. Such a gorgeous, fine powder which sets the foundation but doesn't leave you looking too matte. Obsessed. 

4. Bronzer
For the Bronzer I am actually using the darkest Airbrush Flawless Finish Powder and it works perfectly. If you have a warmer toned complexion this might be too ashy for you. But for me, it's just right. 

5. Contour & Highlight 
The Hollywood Contour Duo is a new addition to my collection and I am already obsessed. The contour shade has the perfect tone and just blends in amazingly with the skin. No harsh lines anywhere. And do we have to talk about the highlight? Stunning.

I used both, the Brow Lift pencil and the Legendary Brows gel for ages. I could seriously not live without both of them anymore. Especially the pencil is like no other. It's not too hard, not too soft. It gives you the perfect natural looking brow. But if you want it to be a bit bolder it's definitely buildable.

1. Shadow 
This is where the fun begins. For this bronzy golden goodness, I used a mixture of the Eyes to Mesmerise shadow in "Bette" and the two palettes "Vintage Vamp" and "The Golden Goddess"

2. Liner 
I used the Rock'n'Kohl in the colour "Eye Cheat" on my waterline. I always need a nude liner there as my eyes tend to get red very quickly. This liner helps to neutralise this. Such a godsend.

1. Liner
"Pillow Talk". The one and only. Do I have to say anything else? 

2. Lipstick
I was going back and forth between the matte shade "English Beauty" and the moisturising formula in the shade "Penelope Pink". In the end, I found that the matte just goes better with the sparkly eye look. But both would be absolutely beautiful. 

How did you like this look? It's so fun to only use one brand for a whole face of makeup. I challenge you to try and do the same. 

xx Lisa

{This post was written in collaboration with Charlotte Tilbury}


Sunday, April 1, 2018

The Spring Dress Edit.

I know I always say Autumn and Winter are my favourite seasons. But I also look forward to the warmer months every year, for one simple reason: You can finally show off your outfit again without having to hide under a big coat. And if you know me, you also know that I only wear dresses. Seriously.. the only pants-like things in my wardrobe are workout leggings. And trust me, if it would be socially acceptable I would probably be working out in dresses. 

So I thought it just makes sense to share with you my current favourite dresses and also a few which are still on my wishlist. I hope you enjoy!




Let me know which one is your favourite!

xx Lisa


Sunday, March 25, 2018

Five Things I Have Learned From Working At Home.

I don't know if I classify as the regular "working from home"-girl. But I would put myself in the category. At least at the moment. I am not a full-time blogger. I am actually a student, my Blog and Instagram are side jobs. So I spend three-quarter of my time working from home. Whether these are university assignments, taking pictures or sending out invoices.

So today I want to share with you five things I have learned from working from home. 

1. Setting your own schedule is amazing, but dangerous. 
I won't talk it down. Setting your own work schedule is absolutely amazing. If you don't feel great, or something super important came up in your personal life: take the day off! Without having to justify anything to your boss. Because you are your boss! Amazing, isn't it? Well, it also can have downsides. You can easily take time off, but you will find yourself working nights and nights in a row because something big came up and you still have a deadline to meet. Also, work never really ends for me. Even in the night when my boyfriend is reading articles about bikes or whatever he is currently into, I find myself replying to emails, Instagram or blog comments. This is why setting boundaries and clear schedules are so important. And I definitely have to work on that. A LOT!

2. You will have a special connection with your postman. 
What can I say.. Of course, you will end up ordering way more online because you leave your house way less. Even a small thing like a new light bulb seems so much easier to buy on Amazon than going to an actual store. AND if you happen to be a blogger, you probably end up receiving loads of PR parcels. So the relationship to your postman will be... interesting. You will meet him a lot, he might give you a confused look because he is wondering why the heck you are always at home and how do you manage to order so much stuff? 

3. Snacks, snacks and snacks.
I don't know what it is, but working from home makes me hungry all the time. Especially during exam period, I feel like I need a snack 24/7. So it is important to be prepared so you don't end up eating cereal for three meals a day. Even having a big bottle of water or iced tea helps so much. 

4. It sounds more glamorous than it is. 
I always have that romanticised picture in my head of people working from home going to coffee shops or parks all the time. Working in the middle of the crowd and just looking so important and cool. Well.. most likely you won't ever do that. Getting dressed and making yourself look presentable will seem way too exhausting... when you can stay in your oversized tee and a messy bun at home and make your own coffee (or for me: tea). 

5. People will think you don't work. 
I come across this A LOT! Most people think that if you work from home, especially when you work for yourself, you don't REALLY work. Yes, it is different to a normal office job. But then again... it's not that different. At the end of the day you have to get your shit done, you have to make money, you have to meet deadlines. It's true, you can schedule your time yourself. But with regular jobs, you go home after work and you are done. When you work for yourself you are never really done. Of course, there are exceptions to this..

What are your experiences or expectations at working from home? 

xx Lisa


Sunday, March 18, 2018

My Current Favourite Foundations.

I always think that you don't need to spend too much money on high-end makeup. Drugstore brands can be just as good. But what I do think is worth the investment are foundations. I don't know what it is but I am yet to come across a foundation that I completely loved in the lower price segment.  Maybe you have some recommendations for me? 

In the meantime, I will share with you my current favourite high-end foundations. 

This is the foundation I have been wearing the most in the last couple of months. And I have the feeling this won't leave my collection anytime soon. To me, it has the most perfect coverage (medium), is buildable and the most important: it doesn't look unnatural. I have quite dry skin so foundations tend to emphasize those dry areas on my face. But this for some reason doesn't do it at all. Such a comfortable everyday foundation. 

A total classic in everyone's makeup collection: Estee Lauder Double Wear. I will admit this is not the most natural looking or comfortable foundation that I own. It makes my skin feel quite tight. But I love to get this out for photos or for special occasions where I want the most flawless looking skin. And it lasts ages on your skin. I am obsessed with it!

I find this one to be a good in between of the two foundations above. It has more coverage than the Lancome one but is way more comfortable than the Estee Lauder one. I love getting this out when my skin is acting up and I need the extra coverage, but I don't want to feel like my skin is drying out. 

This is my summer foundation. I do love it all year but for some reason, my skin agrees with it the most in the summer months. I tend to get quite sweaty on my face but this foundation still lasts and doesn't look weird at the end of the day. It is very glowy, very luminous and looks natural while lasting quite some time. I would say the coverage is low to medium but you can totally build it up. A must-have in everyone's collection!

What is your current go-to foundation?
xx Lisa

Sunday, March 11, 2018

My Current Coat Collection.

One of my fave things about autumn and winter is the fashion. I just live for coats and boots. And today I want to show you my most worn coats. I narrowed it down to 4 coats and I am not including thin jackets like trench coats. I hope you enjoy a little sneak peak into my closet! 

I didn't have a black coat for ages (I know, shocking!). So I treated myself to this military coat with gold buttons. Some people might dislike the shiny details, but to me, it makes the coat even more special!

ZARA Classic Beige Coat 
This is my absolute favourite. I bought it around 2 years ago, but I know Zara brings out a similar one every year! This is the most "dressy" one. But it also looks amazing with trainers and a very laid back look. The colour is also amazing with my mostly black wardrobe... I LOVE!

This cute pink coat I mostly wear in the transitional time between summer and autumn as it is pretty thin. It definitely won't keep you that warm in winter but it is a bit cosier than a trench. The perfect transitional coat!

My latest addition is this blush pink puffer jacket by Asos. I think it's actually New Look but I got it via Asos anyway. I usually never like these kinds of jackets as they make me look way bigger. But as I moved to the south of Germany and the winters are way colder here, I needed something a bit more practical. I wasn't too excited about this when I ordered it, but when it arrived I didn't want to take it off. It's the perfect thickness without making you look huge. I adore it so much. 

You might see a pattern here. I just love blush pink coats. And I love gold hardwear.. so this one just had to be bought. It's a beaut, isn't it? Even my friends said that this is such a "Lisa" jacket when they saw it..

I got this beauty when visiting Amsterdam last year. It's more on the thin side so I wouldn't wear it when it's too cold. But I feel like it's the perfect transitional coat. It has a very oversized fit but you can belt it to make it look more fitted. Definitely one of my more "out there" coats. 

Here are the exact coats (or similar ones if I couldn't find the original) 

Which one is your fave?

xx Lisa

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Five Steps To Becoming A Morning Person.

Well, I never thought I would write a post about becoming a morning person. For the longest time, I was quite the opposite. I still feel like I am most productive in the afternoon, but that doesn't mean that I need to waste my mornings or sleep until 10am every day. 

Today I will share you with my five steps that helped me to start the day early and motivated. 

1. Take your time 
I know some people might not have the luxury to schedule extra time for themselves. But if you can, you should really take some time in the morning only for yourself. Don't scroll through your e-mails while trying to finish your breakfast as fast as you can. You will start the day stressed and your day will most likely continue the same way. Try to breathe, relax and you will be so much prepared for the day ahead. 

2. Do what makes you feel good
Whenever I read about people giving tips about what you should or should not do in the morning in order to have a productive day I feel like they are missing one key point: not everyone is the same. For me, I love taking my extra 5 minutes before I get up to scroll through Instagram or see if Asos has a few new dresses that I like. Maybe you like to meditate first thing in the morning, or you like to have an extra long shower. Do what makes you feel good. So you will dread getting up early a little less.

3. Lists
I know I keep preaching about lists all the time. But to be honest, this is the number one thing for me. I like to prepare my to-do's the evening before. And I will write the more 'uncomfortable' ones right at the top. By doing so, I force myself to start with the task that I am most dreading right in the morning and I feel SO much better the rest of the day knowing it's already done. Try it! 

4. Get enough sleep
This is an obvious one, but it's nonetheless vital. If I don't get at least 7 hours of sleep, getting up early is so much harder. So keep track of your sleeping patterns and adjust it if necessary.

5. Say 'no' to snoozing
This is a big one. I used to be the kind of person who would hit snooze 10 times before I would actually get up in hurry. Since I have disabled this function in my alarm I am so much more awake right when the alarm goes off. I think it has to do with you subconscious knowing that you don't have that "security blanket" of your alarm going again in a few minutes. If you fall back asleep then you are in trouble. Now I just grab my phone and scroll through social media while waking up. PS: Your partner will highly appreciate this change. 

Are you a morning person?
xx Lisa


Sunday, February 25, 2018

My Skincare Secret | TBS - Oils Of Life.

About 2 years ago, in the beginning of 2016 my skin started to really act up. I never had problematic skin, it was never really dry and never really oily. But for some reason, my skin got super sensitive and dry that winter. My normal moisturiser didn't really work anymore so I did some research online. I wanted something quite simple, very moisturising and not too expensive. After some time I found  The Body Shop's latest release: The Oils Of Life range. I never ever tried oils on my face before, because I didn't want to end up with oily skin.. I know it sounds so stupid to me now, haha. 

Having read amazing reviews I went to the closest shop and got myself the Facial Oil and the Intensely Revitalising Cream. I have used them for more than a year now and I am still so in love. My skin improved so much after only a couple of days so I haven't been using anything else since then. I have added a serum recently (the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum) but I am still sticking to this oil and cream. They also have brought out a night cream since then and I will maybe get it in the future aswell.  

I use the cream in the morning and evening, but the oil only at night. I also have to say that I sometimes skipped the oil in the summer months but when it gets colder it is a must for me!

Do you have any products which have been using for ages and still love?
xx Lisa

Sunday, February 18, 2018

What's In My Bag | Everyday Edit.

I have done a few of these "What's in my bag" posts already but I recently got a new bag and wanted to show you what it fits and what I carry around on a daily basis. 

Let's start with the bag itself. This is the "Liverpool Street" bag by Radley. I have admired their brand for ages and was so happy when they offered to send me one of their bags. The bag has one main compartment which is secured by a zip and two other compartments which can't be closed. I use the outer ones for non-valuable things like tissues, gum or my phone charger. The main compartment is great for your more valuable belongings like your wallet, phone or keys. And did you see the rose gold hardware? I LOVE IT! 

I guess this is enough information about the bag so let's start with why you all really clicked on this post.. What is in my bag? 

Well, as most people I always have my wallet, my keys and my phone with me. This is a standard in every bag. For a very small bag that's it. But this is more of a medium sized bag so I can pack way more than that.. and trust me if I can bring more things, I will! 

I am someone who wears sunglasses all the time. Even in winter. Okay, I won't get them out when it's dark outside or raining. But if there is only a little bit of sunshine you can be assured I will be wearing my sunnies. I just feel like they give me so much comfort and security.. Having a no makeup day? Sunnies! Don't want to talk to anyone? Sunnies! Wearing a boring outfit? Sunnies!
My current favourite that I bring everywhere are these D&G beauts. I am obsessed!

Earphones are another must for me. Whenever I am on public transport I need to listen to music or an audiobook.. I don't know how people survive the tube or train without it.

Makeup-wise I totally sized down in recent years. I used to carry around anything I might possibly need. But now I try to focus on things that I actually use throughout the day. And these are my mirror (Chanel)my lipstick (currently Tom Ford "Pink Dusk") and my all-time fave, the Pillowtalk lipliner by Charlotte Tilbury. I never ever touch up concealer or powder, I just feel like it makes me look worse. But I do love to refresh my perfume so I adore this little travel-sized refillable perfume spray. My current scent is Si Intense by Armani. 

And because the bag has so much space I also bring my very lightweight power bank by iDeal of Sweden. So practical. 

And this is all I carry around with me on day to day basis. Sometimes I also pop an umbrella and my diary in there. The bag is seriously so roomy. 

What are your handbag essentials? 

xx Lisa

{This post was written in collaboration with Radley London}


Sunday, February 11, 2018

About Self-Love & Why It Changes Everything.


(The perfect Duo Light Up Case for some "Selfie"-Love by LuMee | The Selfie above has been shot on a very gloomy day and yet it looks like the perfect lighting thanks to my LuMee case!)

I had so much fun writing my post about positive thinking, so I decided to talk about another topic that is pretty important to me and should be to you aswell. Self-love. Sounds pretty selfish, right? I always feel like practicing self-love has this negative stigma. A lot of people see it as egoistic, self-centered or narcissistic. Like a lot of people may see taking a pretty selfie as such too. But we all know it's simply about having fun and capturing happy moments, right? The same goes for self-love. Ironically, it is the complete opposite of being selfish. You need to take care of yourself in order to be a good colleague, girlfriend, mother or whatever role you are currently fulfilling.

Imagine yourself after a week, with loads of work and zero time for yourself. Can you pay full attention to your partner or your boss? I don't think so. Now imagine yourself after an evening you spend pampering yourself. You are way more content, relaxed and happy, right? Can others fell that? OH YES! 

So why do we still feel guilty when we take the night off and choose NOT to go out with friends in order to put on a facemask and meditate. Or why do we feel guilty when we say no to working another late night even though we already worked a lot of over hours that week? Well, I think we are conditioned to always please others, always make them think the best of us, so we can think we are useful and worth it. But guess what, you are equally as worth it when you take much needed time for yourself! Your worthiness doesn't change with the hours you have worked, with the amount of nights-out you share with your friends or how "productive" others think you are being. 

Self-love doesn't even have to take out a huge chunk of your day, but if you want to take a whole day for yourself.. do it! However, you can also start with very small things. The key: See yourself as your best friend! And by "yourself" I mean your physical & mental health. 

Self-love is...
... working out because you have sat on the desk the whole day
... going on holidays, even if you feel like you can't take time off work
... choosing the good food that you know will nourish your body instead of the fast option
... switching off the phone in the evening to read a book instead
... going on walks when you feel overwhelmed
... meditating first thing in the morning for 10 minutes to clear your mind
... cleaning out your apartment (and your mind simultaneously)
... watching Netflix the whole day without even feeling guilty about it
... or simply taking some time off "the real" world and play around with your phone, taking selfies and shots of your food for Instagram.. because: Why not? 

And recently I have found a way to make taking selfies even more fun! I bet you all know the LuMee cases because of the Kardashians, right? Well, I definitely did. BUT they now also have the Duo version, which not only illuminates your face with LEDs on the front of your phone but also puts the pictures you take with the back camera in the right light. And because practising self-love is also treating yourself to a few new things from time to time.. why not treat yourself to a new phone case that is actually useful AND pretty? 

To conclude.. Self-Love is saying NO to things and saying YES to other things. If you listen closely and treat yourself as you would your best friend you will know what you need. Sophie Rosie has another great post about it and Lydia talks about all the small luxuries that can make all the difference. 
And the most important thing that we all like to forget? Talk kindly to yourself.. Listen to how you communicate with yourself. Would you tell your bestie that she is too fat, too lazy, too stupid, or simply not good enough? NO! So why would you tell these things to yourself over and over again? Encourage yourself, be kind and if there is something you need to change... criticize constructively. 

xx Lisa

{This post was sponsored by Nakturnal}


Sunday, February 4, 2018

The Only Highlighter You Will Ever Need.

Highlighters are some of my favourite products to buy and try out. I mean who doesn't love a glowy makeup look? I certainly do. I sometimes even overdo it a bit, so I try to shift towards more natural ones, to keep me from putting on too much. So today I will show you my absolute favourite highlighter. There is one for everyone.

This one is my oldest highlighter and still one of my favourites. It's very, very out there. You only need a little bit and you will get an amazing glow. 

I normally prefer powder highlighter but I just love to have a creamy one on hand when I want to make my highlighter stand out and last even longer. I just use a bit of this one with a powder highlighter on top and it just intensifies the glow. Love it!

This is my most worn highlighter. It has a lot of glow, without being glittery. For some reason, it glows just as much as Champagne Pop does, but looks way more natural. It's a must have that will never leave my makeup collection. 

This is the most natural highlighter I own. You can really pack this one on without looking like a light bulb. I just love it for casual days at University or errands running. You look healthy and glowy without it being "too much". (But is there ever "too much" highlighter really?)

After the Dior one, this is my go-to. Its a beautiful neutral toned shimmery highlighter without big chunks of glitter. I can totally imagine this one on any skin colour. It's such a staple!

(left to right: Revlon Highlighting Stick, Becca Champagne Pop, Dior Nude Air Luminizer, Rodial Illuminator, Charlotte Tilbury Bronze & Glow)

What is you favourite highlighter? I would love to know!

xx Lisa