Sunday, June 17, 2018

Connect Rather Than Compete.

We all know at least one or two people that always make life seem like a competition. Who is more successful at their job, who works out the most, who has the most dates and sometimes even who feels more stressed out, tired and exhausted? Especially the last one will always be a mystery to me. It's simply stressful, tiring and certainly not fun. 

So why do so many people still hang on to jealousy? I know a lot of people don't like the word 'jealousy'. And they would totally deny that they are jealous of the person they are talking about behind their back. But honey, if you don't want to see them succeed, if you feel like they are taking something away from you by absolutely smashing it and you secretly hope their project will fail... you are jealous. 

I am not saying that I am a saint in this regard. I think everyone has been there.. everyone looked at some other woman and thought: Why did I not get this promotion? Why is my hair not that long and smooth? Why does she seem like she has everything and more and I look like a hot mess? I have been there, you have been there... we all have been there. But that doesn't make it right.

One of the most recent situations where I witnessed a lot of jealousy and a lot of hatred was about the lovely girl behind the Instagram account 'TheSundayChapter'. I have followed Angela and her blog, and of course her social media, since the start of Lisa Autumn actually. She always produced the most beautiful pictures and had quite a big following for a while. I remember her being at around 20K when I first came across her. In the last couple of months, something amazing happened: She went from around 30K to now almost 500K in a matter of weeks. Crazy, right? But how did she do it? Well, she did something simple but effective: she created story templates for Instagram stories for her followers to screenshot and use. And of course, she added her own handle to it so people can find her and her templates. She went viral within days. It's amazing! Well, shortly after I saw a lot of hate-fueled and mean tweets directed at her. Accusing her of buying followers and being fake. Success like this can't be for real. 

For me, it was completely different. When I first became aware of what happened I felt incredibly happy for Angela. She seems like such a sweet girl and I really felt like she deserved it. But you know what else I felt immediately afterwards? Inspiration. Yes, exactly. Not the kind of inspiration where I just want to do the same thing she did. You just can't copy anyone and expect the same kind of results.. not gonna work. But the kind of inspiration where one certain thought popped into my head: 'She did it. That means I can do it, too!'. I know we sometimes see the successful or rich people think.. well, that life is just not meant for me. I will never drive that expensive car, will own a villa or just reach that 500K mark on Instagram. But there she is.. she did it. And she didn't just stumble into it. She is not a famous model or actress where a large social media following comes with the job. She is not some celebrities wife. She is Angela. The girl who used her passion and creativity to create something amazing. You can't tell me that this is incredibly motivating and inspiring to you. 

So why don't we all just stop with the resentment, anger and jealousy and simply cheer each other on? I bet we can achieve so much more that way. Here's to girls and women cheering each other on!

x Lisa

Sunday, June 10, 2018

My Go-To Liquid Lipsticks.

I have been resisting the liquid lipstick hype for ages. Don't get me wrong, I love a good matte lip but I just can't stand the dryness that (I thought) comes with the liquid formula. A few months back, however, I stumbled across the most beautiful pinky nude shade by YSL. So I took the plunge and LOVED everything about it.

So basically, YSL Couture Tatouage was my first big liquid lipstick love. I was so obsessed with wearing it that I contemplated buying another shade or trying another brand. But I know myself and I mostly stick with pinky nudes, so I thought I would give the Chanel Rouge Allure Ink a shot. I already own loads of Chanel lip products (shoutout to the Rouge Coco in "Adrienne".. such a gem) so I was very excited. 
The formular is way thinner than the YSL one, which is already very light. But YSL manages to pack a lot of pigmentation in it's light formula. Chanel however, not so much. Don't get me wrong, I still wear it, still like it. But for the money, I don't know if I would buy it again. YSL is just a bit better. Also, Chanel should really work on their shade range. 

After this, I wanted to try a more opaque and more matte formula. I got a bit brave and wasn't that scared of the dryness anymore. I did some research and came across the Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Lips range. All the swatches I could find online where so pigmented and rich, that I just needed to try one. I was, obvioulsly, on the look for a pinky nude. That was abit of challenge as the pinks looked very pink and deep and the nudes were pretty warm toned with an orange hint. Unfortunately, these kinds of nudes don't suit me at all. In the end, I decided to go for "Rising Star". Stil a very bright pink but not too bright. Definetly wearable for me. I am a bit scared to say this, but I think this is my new fave. It is opaque, longlasting and feels amazing on the lips. Of course it is a bit more drying than Chanel. But the Chanel lipstick just never went full on matte. So this is to be expected. I just wish CT would bring out more shades.. maybe a "Pillow Talk" in liquid lipstick form? I would buy 10!

Now I would love to hear about your liquid lipstick recommendations!

xx Lisa

Sunday, June 3, 2018

You Helped Me Choose My New Glasses.

*{The products in this post have been sent to me by Misterspex}

I have been wanting to get a new pair of glasses for ages. But honestly, who has the time to go to their local optician and spend hours trying to go through all of their models just to realize they don't have exactly what you are looking for? Me neither... So the 'try at home' service by Misterspex was a perfect fit for me. You can choose up to 4 glasses and get them send to you without them charging you anything. Then you have 10 days to try them on and send back. If you liked any of the models you can directly send them your prescription details and they will send your favorite model back to with your prescription. 

What a great service, right? Honestly, the hardest part is to choose the right one. So I went to my Instagram Stories and you helped me out. These were the ones that I ordered to try on. 

It was a pretty tough decision between the Ray-Ban model and the MK Ambrosine. Although I absolutely loved the Misterspex Aurel design, I think the model is better suited for people with lighter hair or darker skin tones at it almost blended in with my skin and wasn't opaque enough against my dark hair. Which is funny because I thought this one would suit me the most. So their 'try at home' service absolutely saved me from ordering new glasses that don't even suit me. In case you don't have the time to order a few pairs and send them back later, you can also 'try them on' on their website. For this, you simply need a webcam. Seriously, that is so much fun and totally helped me to narrow down which pairs I want to order.
Also, I wanted to add how amazing the service was. The first 'try on' package was with me the next day and my prescription glasses only took around a week. Which is perfect for an impatient online shopper like me. 

So I bet you want to know which one I chose? After consulting Instagram, Twitter and my family I decided on the Michael Kors Ambrosine style. It's probably the most classic and flattering on my face. 

If you want to treat yourself to a new pair of (sun)glasses you can use my code 'lisaautumn15' for a sweet 15% discount. 

x Lisa


Sunday, May 27, 2018

How To Become Mentally Tougher & Emotionally Stronger.

Okay, I have to confess something. I am not really sure if I should be giving you advice on how to become mentally tougher. If you ask any of my friends and family you'd know that I am the first to cry about a TV ad if it's just slightly emotional (a puppy is often times enough). I am also not really good with criticism and take it very personally. Well, at least that's what I used to be like. I have really worked on myself when it comes to being overly emotionally in the last couple of years. I am not really as tough as I'd like to be but life is a journey, right? 

So if you want to hear some advice on how to become mentally stronger and emotionally tougher from someone who used struggle with these things majorly, this is the post for you.

1. Sometimes it's them, not you. 
Take it from someone who has been there: most of the time it's them, not you. When people try to bring you down with mean comments, rude actions or just generally treat you like garbage. The issue they are having is mostly with themselves. They just try to let it out on you, because you are an easy target or you simply were there when they needed to let out steam. So try not to take it personally and maybe even think about what they might be going through right now. So the next time your boss has a go at you for misplacing something, think about that maybe he has a lot of pressure from his boss right now. Or if your significant other is being mean to you for no obvious reason, they might have some issues they are dealing with right now. Of course, that's never an excuse to treat anyone like that, but it might make it easier for you to deal with these situations. 

2. Can you change it? 
One question I want you to ask yourself when you are beating yourself up about something or worry about another thing: Can I change it? If not, there is absolutely no point in stressing about it. But if the answer is yes, then make a plan and take action. 

3. Make mistakes and learn from them. 
No one is born with the superpower of always knowing what the right decision is. Even if you know some people who seemingly have everything and just seem to succeed at whatever they start, they really don't. The only reason why you think so is that they normally don't talk about their failures but love to discuss their successes. 

4. The world owes you nothing. 
I know sometimes it can feel like the whole world is against you. And you ask yourself 'I am a good person, why am I not successful, why does everything seem to go wrong?'. I hope that doesn't come across rude, but: the world owes you nothing. You have to look for opportunities yourself. Yes, positive thinking helps but if you just sit there and think about that life you want it won't lead anywhere. 

5. Be comfortable with uncomfortable emotions. 
I used to dread arguments so much to the point that I would pretend to agree with another person just for the sake of not having to argue about it. Of course, no one likes to fight (at least I hope you don't). But having a civilized discussion about a problem or just an opinion can help so much and even broaden your horizon. Being comfortable with uncomfortable emotions is what sets successful people apart from the rest.

6. Bye, Bye!
Cutting toxic people out of your life is one of the basics of becoming mentally stronger. They just suck so much energy out of you, that you sometimes don't even notice. And always remember: just because you are related to someone doesn't mean you have to have them in your life. Especially if they do nothing but bring you down. 

7. Learn to say no. 
Similarly to cutting toxic people out, it's important to say no. I know it's easier to play the nice girl and say yes to everything someone asks you to do. And yes, you should help other people but only when you can. You don't have to fill in for your colleague when it's actually your anniversary. You don't have to help your neighbour with painting their fence when you have a work deadline. But of course don't be rude about it. Explain your situation and offer to help them out another day. It would be even better if you can already set a date for the day you are going to do the thing they asked you to. You don't have to constantly do whatever, whenever other people want you to.

8. Take care of yourself. 
If you don't take care of your physical and mental health you won't be able to become mentally and emotionally stronger. With taking care I mean get enough sleep, exercise, eat things that nourish your body (and taste amazing, obviously). And sometimes it can also mean to stay home and just watch Netflix and order yourself a pizza. Simply listen to yourself and your body and you will know what you need. 

9. Positive people are not 'naive' or 'weak'. 
I have always been a very positive and optimistic person. I always had trust that everything is going to fall into place when I give my best. If you are the same, chances are you will encounter some people that might make comments about you for being 'too naive' or 'stupid'. See, the thing is just because you believe in the good in people and the world doesn't mean you don't anticipate their bad sides. You do. You just choose to give them the benefit of the doubt. And I think the world would be a much better place if everyone would do so.

10. Be patient.
You won't change overnight. It's a process that takes time. So don't beat yourself up the next time you cry because someone didn't like the way you did your work or left a rude comment on your looks. Observe your emotions and learn. 

x Lisa

Sunday, May 20, 2018

All About Charlotte Tilbury Skincare.

Skincare is something I am very passionate about. I mean your skin is the base for whatever makeup you put on it. So if you look after it properly, it will make the biggest difference. As you all know I am a huge fan of Charlotte Tilbury products. But I have only really talked about her makeup up until now. So today, we will change that. 

Before we start I think it is helpful to know what skin type I am. I would say my skin is more on the dry side with the odd blemish every few weeks (or better-said once a month). My biggest issue is that my skin is quite sensitive and tends to get red very easily.

So with that out of the way, let's start with the products and what I think about them. 

This is one of the most hyped products by Charlotte. I used to hear so many amazing things about that I knew I just had to try it. And I am not disappointed. It's the most perfect consistency for me. Some creams are either too heavy and sticky or just not moisturising enough. But this is right in the middle.

Because I loved the Magic Cream so much I had to try the night version of it. It is much heavier as you would expect. I would not wear it with makeup on top but that's why it's a night cream, right? For the colder months this a godsend though. Sometimes my skin feels very tight and itchy because of the cold air outside and the dry air inside that I put on an extra thick layer of this and my skin feels totally different the next morning. I don't see myself using this a lot in the summer months though. But I am yet to test it.

This one was a surprise for me. I am normally not that excited about eye creams. I mean, I feel like I need to use them but I never feel a difference when I do. Until I found this gem. My concealer lasts longer, my eyes are less puffy and the most important part: my under-eyes feel so much more hydrated. If you will get one of the products from this post, it seriously should be this one.

I have to be honest that I haven't used this mask a lot yet. I gave it a try a few weeks back and loved the result. I was a bit hesitant because I was scared that I might wake up with an orange face but that was not the case. Instead, I found myself looking slightly sunkissed. I used it again the following night and could intensify the result. So it's definitely buildable. And it didn't break me out. I know this is often a problem when fake tanning your face. But so far there haven't been any problems for me.

My holy grail mask. I actually have been using this for over a year and get back to it all the time. This is another very hyped CT product. Again.. for a good reason. My skin looks so clear and smooth every time I use it. Obsessed!

I wasn't sure if I should include the next two products in this skincare post. It's not really skincare but not really makeup either. I would put them in the primer category. On the other hand, especially the Hollywood Flawless Filter, is way more than a primer. You can use it as one, but you can also use it on its own or over the makeup as a highlighter. I love it so much and can't wait to use it more often in the summer.

My primer of choice, every single day. I love this for its glow and for its lovely formula. It's not sticky or slippery like most primers tend to be. Give it a try!

Have you tried any CT Skincare products yet?

xx Lisa

Sunday, May 13, 2018

What's In My Bag | Mini Edition.

I have previously done a couple of these posts and I personally love to read them myself. I mean, who doesn't like a little sneak-peak into other peoples bags? But I have to say it's pretty hard for me to show you guys what I always carry around with me. I change bags quite a bit and with the size of the bags, their content also changes. Today I will show you what I carry around in a very small handbag, as small as it gets with me!

Let's get the obvious out of the way. My phone never leaves my side, especially when I am outside. This blush beaut case is from Richmond & Finch.  My purse also has to come with me everywhere I go. This one is a gift from my boyfriend's sister and I adore it. The quilted leather and the gold hardware is so me! It is by Charles & Keith, but I am not sure if they still have the exact same model.

I always have either sunglasses or glasses with me. Without them, I am helpless. Especially when I am driving. No chance I can do it without them! Also, my eyes are pretty sensitive so I need something to protect them from wind, sunshine and the cold. Otherwise... it's RIP to my eyeliner. 

Some sort of powder is another must for me. As far as makeup goes this is all I carry with me. If I am wearing lipstick that day the same one will find its way into my bag as well. Last but not least: Hairbands! Seriously anyone with longer hair will agree with me here... there is nothing better than tying up your hair after a long day out. And sometimes even during that long day out.  

What are your must-haves in your mini handbag?

xx Lisa

Sunday, May 6, 2018

The Energy Balls I Have Been Making Recently.

Before we start with why I love these so much and how I make them. I want to give Lydia Millen a shoutout, who shared Carrie's recipe which I almost completely used for these. So give these gorgeous girls a follow.

I have been on the hunt for a delicious but healthy snack for in between meals. I am not someone who needs to snack all the time but when I have a very stressful day or it's exam period I find myself raiding our cupboards for something quick and small to eat. Something that gives me some energy and satisfies my craving for sweets. Of course, I still treat myself to some chocolate but I try not to have it in the house (I will eat the whole thing in one go) so I was looking for an alternative. When Lydia showed this recipe in one of her vlogs I knew I had to try this. Everything Carrie makes always looks so good. So why not? 

So a few weekends ago I got all the ingredients and gave it a go. I don't have a proper food processor but the Nutri Bullet did the job quite well. And surprisingly they were delicious and even my boyfriend likes them. Now I make them almost every weekend for the week ahead.

So let's get into how to make them... 

  • 200g of pitted dates
  • 160g of ground almonds
  • 50g desiccated coconut
  • 2 tablespoons of chia seeds
  •          40ml of coconut oil
  •          50g of crunchy peanut butter

Whizz everything besides the coconut oil and the peanut butter in the blender. You will get a pretty fine consistency. Then you add the oil and the butter by hand and mix it well. Then roll them into small balls, mine make about 12 balls. I then love to roll them in some more coconut or even some cacao powder. You can either pop them in the fridge or the freezer and enjoy over the next few days (or eat them all at once). Enjoy! 

x Lisa


Sunday, April 29, 2018

The Lipsticks | Spring Edit.

YAY! It's spring. You guys know how excited I am about autumn/winter time. But spring has something magical as well. It's so fresh and beautiful. And it's all about pink tones in your makeup, and especially on your lips, (as if I need a season do wear my pinky nudes anyway). 

So today I thought I'd share with you my top picks when it comes to spring lipsticks. I hope you enjoy it and maybe even get a bit of inspiration for your next lipstick purchase.

I don't know if I should describe every shade I am showing you. I mean.. how many times do you want to hear "pinky nude". But of course, this is a beautiful pinky nude.. or as Tom Ford called it, dusky pink. I know they are pretty pricey but if you want to invest in one, this is the shade to go for!

One of my go-to shades for an everyday look. A very creamy and hydrating formula.  Not the most longlasting because of it, but it also doesn't break the bank so you can keep on reapplying without feeling guilty. 

This is one of their "Oil in Stick" versions. It feels so lovely but really doesn't last very long. It's also not the most pigmented lipstick. But if you want something very hydrating with a hint of colour, this is for you.

This one was my first and most loved liquid lipstick. It feels so light and comfortable but is longlasting at the same time. And this is one of my favourite pinky nude shades. (Yes they are all different!).

Now we will go on to my one true makeup love: Charlotte Tilbury. If you didn't expect to see any CT lipsticks in this post than you don't know me. To me, these are just superior to anything else in the makeup world. The shade "English Beauty" is a beautiful muted nude with a hint of pink. Perfection. 

This is the only non-matte CT lipstick I am currently using. I just prefer the Matte Revolution formula. But this shade is to die for. A very beautiful pink, more pink-toned than I normally wear. But it's just perfect for spring. 

I was expecting this to be way more nude than it is. It's a pretty bright pink with a hint of nude. Another shade that just screams spring and summer. I love it. 

Such a beautiful deep but muted pink. I just added this one recently to my collection and can't wait to wear it loads in the coming months. 

What are your go-to lipsticks for the springtime? 

xx Lisa


Sunday, April 22, 2018

The Spring Shoes Edit.

Today I will show you a few new pairs of shoes that found their way into my closet over the past couple of weeks. I have seen these beauts online first and as I was anyway going to do some "window shopping" while visiting my family I thought I'd just quickly pop into Zara and see if I like them in real life as well. And as you can see, I did. 

The first pair I picked up are these block heel beauts. I mean if they don't give you Chanel vibes, what does? I love the two-toned design which looks a bit different but because of the neutral colours, it's still a classic. (My boyfriend hates them though haha... but he is not the one who has to wear them, right?). 

Then I also got these loafers. I have been eyeing up a pair of loafers for ages. I guess I am not the only one who would love a pair of the Gucci ones. But I am not quite sure how often I would get to wear them and if they really do go with my wardrobe. So I thought it's a great idea to get a lower priced version before making wrong investments. So far I have to say I love them. They are more casual than the heels and they really go with everything in my closet. YAY!

Here I have linked a few alternatives for you.

xx Lisa


Sunday, April 15, 2018

How To Spring Clean Your Life.

It's the time. It's finally spring. At least it finally started looking like spring, a bit. We still had loads of snow in March so I am so grateful for every bit of sunshine I can get at the moment. 

I don't know what it is about spring, but I feel like it's the time to get your life together. I guess that's why a lot of people get the urge to deep clean their home around this time of year. I do feel the same. But I like to take it a step further and not just clean out my home, but also try to tidy up almost every aspect of my life. 

So today I will share with you my favourite tips to spring clean your life.

1. The good old wardrobe clean out 
Okay this one, besides giving your kitchen a deep clean, is pretty obvious. But at least for me, it has one of the biggest effects on how I feel. I know some people have a lot of trouble letting things go. You might think "I will wear it when I will go to some tropical island.. maybe.. one day.. hopefully" or "this will look amazing when I drop the 20 pounds I wanted to lose for ages" or "I wore this the first time I went to this amazing Japanese restaurant with him and we laughed the whole night and I think I fell in love with him right there and then". Well, guess what. Even if you ever get to go on this tropical holiday or you manage to lose the weight, you can always buy something new and it will make you feel even more excited about it. And when it comes to memories, they will stay even if you give away the purple polka dot dress that you never even take out the closet to look at. And why? Because the memories are in your head, not in your closet. (The same goes for cleaning out your makeup stash, I know.. scary thing!)

2. Redecorate
It's not only about sorting things out, but it's also about changing things up. I am not someone who loves a lot of decorations and tiny things on the shelves. But why not get some new cushion covers or bed sheets? A new plant is also an amazing idea. Even the tiniest changes can make you feel energized and inspired.

3. Clean out your social media 
Well, when we spring clean our life we sometimes forget to tidy up our virtual life as well. But it's so important as well. So go to your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or even Tinder and sort through your posts, your pictures, your friends or follow list and maybe delete a few or even find some new fun and inspiring profiles to follow.

4. Update & Backup 
This is something I love to do multiple times a year and not just in spring. But a little reminder never hurts. Do all the annoying updates on your laptop, phone or tablet. And don't forget to backup if you don't have the automated backup option on. It's a small thing but it makes the biggest difference.

5. Make those appointments
Last but not least: make those appointments. You know exactly which ones I mean. The appointments you think about once a while and you promise yourself you will make them soon, but in reality, you will postpone it further and further. Be it the dentist, the gynaecologist, the allergy test you wanted to get done for ages or the appointment with your accountant that you really, really need to book soon but you really, really don't want to. Guess what, it takes a few minutes and you will feel like such a badass afterwards. 

So these are my tips on spring cleaning your life. I would love to hear yours! 

x Lisa