Monday, October 15, 2018

The New Dyson Airwrap Styler Review | Worth It?

If you have been on social media recently you probably have come across the new Dyson Airwrap Styler. When I have first seen a short clip about it on the British Vogue social media channels I wasn't sure what exactly I was seeing. It kinda looked like those self-spinning curler that mostly ends up in a disaster. But if you look closely, you can see that the barrel is actually not moving.

Dyson is using something that is called the Coanda effect. It basically is a spinning vortex which attracts your hair and therefore wraps it around the barrel. Also, this is really not a traditional curler. It doesn't heat up like your normal curling iron would. So it is way healthier for your hair..  It uses hot air, just like a hair dryer would and styles it while drying it. That's also why it works the best on damp hair. 

I have looked at loads of videos about this new hairstyling tool, but I have to admit that the price tag is just a bit too high for a student... 500 just to style my hair... no thanks. But my boyfriend must have picked up on it (I seriously don't know how.. we didn't talk about it at all) and a few days later, today, he surprised me with it on my birthday. 

I was obviously over the moon and hat a little play with it on my unwashed but damp hair this morning. I was expecting to have some difficulties, as most reviews said you need some time to get used to it but honestly I loved it from the first second. Even though I didn't do it very neatly and my hair was due to a wash anyway.. I was left with super bouncy and light curls. But I really wanted to try it properly so I washed my hair and tried it again.. what can I say? It looked equally perfect. I am now writing this post almost 12 hours later. The curls have dropped a bit in the first 30 minutes, just like they would with a normal curler. But since then they have stayed in place like nothing I have ever seen. I have even had a little nap with them this afternoon and I still looked like I just had my hair styled professionaly. And all of this hold without this 'crunchy' and dry feeling you normally get when curling your hair.
I can only assume that styling your hair while it's drying sets the curls into place even more than just heat styling your hair would. 

Even though I won't go into detail on how to use the airwrap (there are plenty of videos online), I have to say that the curling barrels are my favorite part about the styler. They come in two different sizes and two different directions each (for each side of your hair). Changing them is honestly so effortless and doesn't take any time at all.

In addition to that, it comes with a drying attachment so you can use it as your hairdryer as well. It's supposed to be a bit less powerful than the normal Dyson dryer but honestly.. I couldn't feel a difference. Then there are three other attachments. A round brush for a voluminous blowout look and two brushes each for a thicker/corse or thinner/straight hair texture. So there is something for everyone. 

Oh and have I mentioned the beautiful brown faux leather box it comes in? Storage goals!

Would I recommend it? YES! I find this to be such a revolutionary product. It not only makes my curls more bouncy and shiny, but the whole process is so much faster. I don't have to properly dry my hair and then curl it.. Now it's two steps in one. But if you are someone who never really styles their hair other than blowdrying it.. maybe this is a bit too expensive for you and you should rather get their hairdryer. 

One thing I have to say is that you have to figure out the right dampness level. Your hair shouldn't be completely wet, but also not too dry. But the drying attachment helps you with that. 

Have you tried it yet? Is that something that would interest you? 

x Lisa


Sunday, October 14, 2018

What to do on your birthday (when you don't want to do anything).

It's (almost) my birthday.. actually, it is tomorrow. Even though I always love other peoples birthdays and think about cute surprises for them, I am actually not the biggest fan of my own birthday. Okay, that doesn't mean I hate that day or I totally ignore it. But I personally, like to keep it on the low. I never was one to have huge birthday parties or remind everyone around me that my birthday is coming up. Instead, I like a relaxed day for myself and I also don't mind seeing some of my favorite people that day. Additionally, my birthday falls on a Monday this year. So family and friends are mostly at work and busy anyway. So today I want to share with you a few things you can do if you like to celebrate your birthday but don't 'really' want to do anything. 

Have a lie-in 
Okay, okay.. this might not be that exciting to everyone and some of you don't even have the luxury to lie in that day. But if you can, and if you value sleeping as much as I do, treat yourself to a couple of extra hours in bed. Don't set an alarm and even when you wake up.. just stay in bed that extra hour and enjoy being one year older. And if you want to go that extra mile: put on new sheets on your bed the night before and don't forget the fresh set of pajamas. Maybe even buy yourself some new cozy slippers for when you finally get out of bed. 

Take yourself out for breakfast
Who says you need companionship to go out for breakfast or even better brunch? It's your day. So go out to your fave cafe or a brunch spot which you wanted to try for ages and order whatever you want. Breakfast is one of my highlights of any day so why not treat yourself? 

Treat yourself even more
So, just because you are spending your birthday on your own doesn't mean you can't have birthday cake.. right? If you are an avid baker why not bake something for yourself or just run to a bakery and choose the cake that looks best to you. Yumm... But if you are not into cakes at all why not treat yourself to something different, is it Pizza you like? or you would rather buy yourself a new lipstick? Whatever it is.. just go for it. Remember: there are no rules on your birthday, especially when you spend it on your own. 

Have a pamper evening
This must be my favorite part of a 'stay-at-home-birthday'. And the best thing.. maybe your friends are out of work by the time evening rolls around and they can join you? Whether or not you are in company or alone: A good pamper night is a beautiful way to end your birthday either way. Run yourself a bath, use the expensive face mask you have been saving for special occasions and put on a movie that makes you feel good. Maybe you even have some cake left from the afternoon? Best. night. ever. 

x Lisa

Sunday, October 7, 2018

My Autumn Fashion Staples.

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Half of you are probably mourning the loss of hot summer days and the other half still can't get enough of all the earthy tones and chunky knits coming out in the stores right now. I am for sure part of the second category. It is October... it feels like I have waited all year for this!

I (obviously) have a thing for autumn in general, but October is the month I am most excited about. It's not only that it's my birthday month but also shopping is so much more fun. Even though the autumn pieces start to hit the stores in early September, I always feel like shops are a weird mix of the last summer dresses and new winter coats at this time of the year. But October... oh in October it's autumn heaven in the retail world. 

So what are my essentials that I always like to look for at the beginning of autumn/winter?

Blazer season 
I don't know how the conditions are in the rest of the world but in Germany, and Europe in general September and October call for blazer season. It's not as hot anymore that we can get away with just wearing a cute dress but our winter coats are still too warm. So my favorite time of the year begins. I just love to layer a pretty earth-toned blazer with cute short dresses, especially when they are black. This is a great way to transition some of your summer dresses to the new season and get even more wear out of them. 

Coats everywhere
Of course, what is autumn without a cozy new coat? My collection is admittable quite big so I really have to restrain myself. But I mostly end up investing in one new coat every year (or two..) and refresh my coat closet. Generally, I love a structured and longer coat in neutral tones but I try and stay away from black coats as most of my dresses are already black. And why not belt your coat to change things up? 

Dresses to layer
You thought you can find dresses only in my summer wardrobe? Well, then you clearly don't know me. I only, repeat only, wear dresses or skirts. In the summer I love a cute linen dress and in the winter I love a long-sleeved dress paired with some opaque tights. 

What are your autumn fashion staples?

x Lisa


Sunday, September 30, 2018

New Launch | Givenchy L'Interdit Perfume.

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It is no secret that I am a sucker for pretty packaging When I saw the relaunch of Givenchy's 'L'Interdit' I was head over heels for this beautiful looking perfume. So I just had to look into it further.. even though I really wasn't in need of another perfume in my collection.

Did you guys know that the original L'Interdit scent was created in the 50's for Audrey Hepburn and that she wore it a whole year before it was launched? Well, if the packaging alone wasn't enough for me to give it a try, then this fact was the final push. 

It finally joined my collection a couple of weeks ago and as you can imagine, the packaging didn't disappoint. While I was admiring it on my perfume display, I was very excited to see what the actual scent was like. I read before that it was a floral scent.. and most floral perfumes are too fresh for my liking. I like very deep, opulent and powdery smells. 

The scent completely surprised me. Yes, it has a floral tone, which later I read consists of orange blossom, tuberose, and jasmin. But there was something different about it. It also has this deep and intense side to it which is made out of vetiver and patchouli. Honestly a scent like no other I have tried before.

So if you are like me and you normally stay away from florals because you are scared they are too light, sweet or fresh.. give this one a try. I can already see myself wearing this all throughout the colder months. 

Have you tried it yet?

x Lisa

Sunday, September 23, 2018

The Lifestyle Books To Read This Autumn.

One of my many resolutions for 2018 was to read a book every single month. This might not seem to be a lot for most people, but I am actually quite lazy when it comes to reading. Don't get me wrong, when I finally read a book I totally love it but starting is a whole different thing for me. I always feel I have something more important to do than to sit down and take an hour out of my day. 
Setting this challenge for myself has been very interesting. I have to admit, I haven't read a heavy and lengthy book every single month but I managed to finish some kind of book, be it poetry or fiction, every thirty days so far. YAY! 

I soon realized that the type of book I love to read the most is lifestyle based. So today I want to share with you my favorite lifestyle related reads.

How not to die - Dr. Michael Greger
This is a bit of a cheat. I have actually read this book last year and read it again this year. It's one of those books which makes you think about yourself and your lifestyle, even months after you have finished it. Honestly, if you are into nutrition and you want a very unbiased and neutral outlook on societies current diet you should absolutely read this one. And don't worry, this is not one of those typical books that try to guilt you into eating a plant-based diet. It is full of facts and studies which are presented in a very non-judgemental way and you can simply make up your mind yourself. 

The universe has your back - Gabrielle Bernstein
This is a great one if you want to start looking into the power of positive thinking and what the universe has to do with it. I liked it much better than 'the secret'. But I have to say that I take a lot of these things with a grain of salt. You should definitely be open-minded while reading it. But make up your own mind and see for yourself what you want to implement in your life and what seems to be too far-fetched to you. 

The anxiety solution - Chloe Brotheridge
Anxiety is something I don't talk too much about on here but I have actually struggled with it for years now. I have recently stopped my medication for it and this book has helped me a lot. If you struggle with anxiety yourself, or if you know someone who does, this is a must-read. 

Lean in: women, work and the will to lead - Sheryl Sandberg
This is the perfect book for anyone who is about to finish their education and will transition into the working world. Honestly,  this has been so motivating and insightful to me. 

You are a badass - Jen Sincero
I am finishing this post off with a book that is for everyone. The other books might have been quite specific but this one is all in all motivating, funny and just leaves you feeling so positive and badass. It made me laugh and think at the same time. If you only want to read one of these I highly recommend you to read 'you are a badass'. 

Do you have any lifestyle related book recommendations for me?
x Lisa

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Style Hacks | How To Always Look Put Together.

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I am sure we all have those days where we just feel 'meh' about our outfit and we just can't find anything in our wardrobe that elevates our mood. But why is that? We had the same wardrobe the week before, right? And yet we felt completely different about it. I can't really tell you what happens overnight that leaves us hating every single piece in our closet. But I am here to tell you what you can do to if a simple pair of jeans and tee just don't cut it anymore. So here are my five tips on how to look (and feel) more put together, every single day of the week.

The classic blazer.
A blazer is such a transformative pieces. It goes with absoluely anything, be it casual ripped jeans or a smart dress. A classic black fitted blazer instantly makes me feel more powerful and confident. And don't forget... you look how you feel!

The (red) lipstick.
Whenever I feel uninspired and bored of my looks I go straight to my lipstick collection and see which one makes me feel inspired again. I know people tend to give the advice that a red lipstick will totally transform how you feel. This can be true, but don't underestimate the power of lipstick in general. Sometimes a pretty nude or a light pink can have the exact same effect for me. So just try out what works for you. 

Jewel it up.
I genuinely can't go a day without jewelry. I have a few standard pieces that I always need to have on me. But when I feel I need that little bit of extra sparkle in my life, I like to layer even more dainty necklaces together or stack my rings even more. This always does the trick for me. 

All about the scent.
It's not always about the visuals. Perfumes play a huge role in my day to day outfits and the only time I don't wear any I am probably heading to the gym. There is a perfume for every mood in my collection and I love to choose it according to what I feel or what I want to feel. My perfume of choice for the ultimate confidence boost is YSL Black Opium. 

Sunnies are your best friend.
You can wear the most basic outfit but a pair of oversized statement sunnies can make you look so fierce. I am currently trying to get my hands on the Celine Tilda sunglasses. To me, they are the ultimate 'don't talk to me, I got things to do and places to be' shades. IN LOVE!

What do you do to look more put together?

x Lisa


Sunday, September 9, 2018

The Perfume Edit.

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Today I wanted to share with you something that I don't often talk about: my favorite perfumes. Thinking about it now I find it surprising how I have never shared them with you. I am someone who can't leave the house without a spritz or two. Which one I choose each day depends completely on my mood and the occasion. So I thought it would be fun to talk you through my most used and loved perfumes. 

Chanel No.5
This is the perfume that is most special to me. Not (just) because it's Chanel, but because I bought it at Heathrow the first time I visited London. I actually took my mum there for her birthday and it was such a magical week for us. So whenever I use it, it reminds me of London and more importantly my mum. I only wear it for special occasions like birthdays, weddings or Christmas or whenever I need that extra boost of confidence.

YSL Black Opium
If I ever need a very intense perfume for a night out or any other special occasion this is my choice. It smells very strong but in the best way possible. I know so many people who either hate or love Black Opium but I adore it completely. So give it a try and tell me what you think. Love it or hate it?

Armani Si Intense
This is a scent I love to wear on a daily basis. Yes, it is still quite 'out there' but I always like my perfumes to be a bit more on the bolder side. Especially because I feel like they last way longer. There is nothing worse than a perfume that disappears after an hour or so. I really like the original Si scent but the intense version suits me the best. 

Chloe Love
I guess this is my most used and loved one when it comes to everyday scents. It's pretty powdery and maybe not for everyone but I am obsessed. To me, it's the most elegant, sophisticated and yet unique scent. I get loads of compliments whenever I wear it and I got so many friends and family members hooked on this scent as well. This will most certainly never leave my collection.

By Terry Terrific Oud
I am in two minds about this perfume. Sometimes I find it way too strong and just too 'oud' but other times I am so drawn to this scent. I have to be honest, I don't wear it all that much but there is something special about this By Terry scent. I would love to hear your opinions if you have ever tried it. 

x Lisa


Sunday, September 2, 2018

How To Work From Home Like A (Girl)Boss.

I am not quite sure if I qualify as a 'work from home' woman but I am a student who also happens to be a Blogger and Instagrammer. So I spend about one to two days a week at University and the rest of the time I work from home. Regardless if I fit this category or not, I think I have done this long enough to give you my personal tips and tricks on how to work from home like a (girl)boss. 

This is probably one of the most important points I want to make today. Scheduling and planning your days in advance are so vital. Of course, you need to be organized when working in an office or any other job as well. But the difference is that other people, like your boss, are most likely keeping you accountable. But if you work from home, most of the time you are your own boss. So schedule everything in your day beforehand. I love to sit down on Sundays and plan my week ahead. Not only the work things I have to do but also my private life tasks.. like cleaning or getting groceries. And don't just write a to-do list for each day. Try to also schedule when exactly you are planning to do something. This is a little example:


  • 8-9am E-Mails
  • 9-12am Uni assignments
  • 12am-1pm Lunch
  • 1pm-4pm Working on blog posts
  • 5pm get groceries 
  • 7pm gym 

Get dressed
I know it's tempting to live in your dressing gown all day as no one, besides the delivery guy, will see you anyway but trust me.. getting properly dressed for the day makes such a difference to your mindset. Of course, I don't put on heels or do a full face of makeup on days where I am completely working from home. But putting on a cute and comfortable dress or sometimes even gym clothes and putting on a bit of makeup makes me feel so much better and I bet it will do the same to you. 

If you work from home you will probably find yourself checking the fridge every other hour just to see if something new magically appeared. This is my go-to procrastination technique and it way too often leads to me having cereal for lunch.. and dinner. So be prepared. Get yourself some healthy snacks and try not to have too many naughty things in the house. One of my go-to snacks are my energy balls. You find the recipe for them here.

Be prepared to explain
'But, do you really work?' is a question you will get all the time when you work from home. People probably imagine you laying in your bed all day binging Netflix and I can see where they are coming from. When you work from somewhere which is physically away from your home this becomes the 'work zone' and home is the 'relaxing zone'. The truth is you can get the exact same amount of work done from wherever you decide to work. It's all about scheduling and planning smart. So don't get insulted when you hear these questions and just try to see it from their perspective. 

Set Boundaries
One thing I am really passionate about is setting boundaries. And I think it's not necessarily only people who work from home that struggle with this. But it definitely doesn't help when your work-life happens in the same place as your personal-life. You don't want to know how many times I got an E-Mail notification at 9pm while watching a movie with my boyfriend and 'quickly' responding to it. And there is absolutely no reason why it couldn't wait until the next morning. So setting boundaries and specific 'work' and 'play' times is vital. For your own mental health and also for the relationship with people around you.

x Lisa

Sunday, August 26, 2018

The Work Bag - What To Look For.

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Whether you are a student or working in an office job, chances are you need a work bag. I personally have been through many different bags since being a student and working in internships. I always thought I'd finally found the perfect bag but after using it for some time it became clear that I would have to keep looking. So today I want to talk you through what I personally feel like you should consider when buying a bag for your work. 

1. What do I need it for?
Just because most of us have a work bag, it doesn't mean we all have the same requirements. So before going out to buy your new bag, you should consider what requirements your new bag has to meet. And yes... size matters. So what do you actually need to fit into your bag? Is it just your wallet, phone and maybe a small notebook? That's great! But if you also need to fit your laptop, lunch and a water bottle, chances are you might need to look for a bigger bag. But it's not only the size you should consider. How do you travel to work/university? If it's with public transport or you are running around a lot you should consider a shoulder strap. Are you in a busy city? Then maybe go for a secure bag that you can close properly. 

2. Is it a longterm investment or just a quick fix?
When buying a new work bag you should always think about how long you see yourself using this bag. I don't know if it's an age thing, but these days I see my purchases as investments. Especially handbags. So if you only need a bag for a year, go with a low budget. But if you really want one that will stay with you for years and years you need to invest. I am not saying you need to spend thousands and thousands on high-end designer goods, a good mid-priced but high-quality brand should do the job. Of course, this always depends on what you can actually afford. So just compare your personal budget with the level of quality you need and you will find the perfect price range for you. Just keep in mind that going for the cheapest option isn't the best idea most of the time. 

3. What am I actually wearing on a daily basis?
This is something you should never ever forget. Your bag can be the perfect size, the perfect quality but what if it doesn't go with your day to day style? Chances are, you won't be reaching for it. So before buying your new dream bag try to imagine it with the outfits you already own and wear. But please don't imagine yourself in completely new outfits which you have seen on Pinterest. In reality, you most likely won't wear them, at least not any time soon. Things to consider are the overall style, the color and don't forget about the hardware! 

Now I want to share with you my current favorites in all different price segments. Currently, the Kurt Geiger Emma Tote is not leaving my side. The black leather goes with everything in my wardrobe, the gold hardware is perfect for my jewelry collection and the size is spot on for my needs. And I mean.. it's so pretty, isn't it? 

low priced

medium priced

high priced

Which one is your fave?
x Lisa


Sunday, August 19, 2018

All About Haircare - What I Have Learned.

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My hair has been through quite an adventure. If you have followed my blog for some time you probably have come across my hairstory post. My hair went from brown to red to black to blonde and now it's back to my natural brown color. So let's just say it has been through a lot. So I always try to give it some extra care and make sure I keep it as healthy as it can be. Today I want to talk about some tips and tricks I discovered to give my hair that extra care and also talk you through the products I use on a daily basis.

1. Try to avoid heat. 
I know you all have heard this a million times. But avoiding heat is really what makes the biggest difference. I don't like my natural hair structure. It's somewhere between straight and a bit wavy. So it's just this awkward in-between stage which looks like I did my hair a couple of days back and should really touch up my waves. So I always use a curling iron to define my curls or better-said waves. I used to use a straightener to do that but I feel like it's way more damaging. A straightener heats up your hair from both sides and you also drag it. So if you want to curl your hair, go for a curling iron. I also only blow dry my hair in "emergencies", when I really don't have time. Otherwise leaving it to dry on its own is so much better. 

2. Be gentle. 
One thing I have changed up in recent years is not rubbing my hair with a towel. I always felt like I am doing it a favor as it gets dryer quicker. But the reality is that hair is the most vulnerable when it's wet. So if you rub it too much it can cause serious damage. I always leave my hair in a towel for around 30 minutes and then release it. I would also recommend combing it when it's dry or at least almost dry. Also.. never ever comb it from top to bottom. Always start from the bottom of your hair and work your way up. I also use those big scrunchy hairbands to put my hair up when I am at home. I feel like it pulls way less on my hair than normal thin hairbands do. 

3. Oils, oils, oils. 
I used to be so scared of putting oil into my hair. I thought I would look like I had greasy hair just after washing it. Now I just can't be without it. If you find the right oil and mainly use it in the ends (which need it the most anyway) you will feel and see the benefits sans greasy look. 

No onto the products I have been loving for months. 

1. Wella Professional Luxe Oil
This is the hair oil I have been using for more than three years now. I even got my sister hooked on it. It's so nourishing and light. Perfection. 

2. Garnier Ultimate Blends Shampoo
I bought this one on a whim a couple of months ago and I am obsessed. I never had a drugstore shampoo that made my hair feel that smooth and light at the same time. 

3. Kerastase Discipline Hairmask & Spray 
I know Kerastase is super pricey and I get that most people don't want to spend that much money on a hair product. But if you want to invest in some high-end products I highly recommend these. Especially the hair mask is a dream. I always use a mask instead of conditioner. I feel like they are so much more nourishing. 

4. Batiste Dry Shampoo
This is a product that really is worth the hype. I am yet to see another drugstore dry shampoo that works as well as this one does. I mainly use these on days when my hair is very flat or even borderline greasy. A life savior. 

5. The Tools
As far as tools go I swear by the Wet brush and my Babyliss curling iron. I always prefer the ones without a clasp where you have to lay your hair around it and hold it. This way you have much more control. 

I would love to hear about your favorite haircare products. Please let me know in the comments. 

x Lisa