Sunday, August 13, 2017

Buying basics on a budget.

I know I usually preach buying "quality over quantity" and as much as I believe in this, I think there are things that are just not worth spending a fortune on.

I love investing in a timeless good quality coat or a beautiful pair of black boots. I also think handbags are amazing investments if you choose wisely. But when it comes to loungewear or very basic clothes, I like to go for bargains. I mean you have to save some money somewhere in order to splurge on the key pieces, right? A shop where I always go back to for exactly those pieces is Romwe. I bet you all heard of them before, they are known for very low priced fast fashion. As I said, usually not the place where I would invest in. But I felt like I needed a few hoodies in my life and as I only wear them at home or on the way to the gym I was not too keen on spending a fortune on them. So here I show you what I got. Of course, I went for my usual colour palette: grey, black and blush. I hope you are not bored of it by now?!

Where do you like to shop your basics? And what do you love to invest in?
xx Lisa

{This Post was written in collaboration with Romwe}

Sunday, August 6, 2017

The Ordinary - Worth the Hype?

There has been such a big hype around the "The Ordinary" products lately, so I just needed to try some myself and see what the fuss is all about. I was quite happy with my skincare routine, but could definitely use a new face oil. Also, their prices are really so low (SERIOUSLY) so I thought, why not?
And I am so glad I did that!

I did some research in advance, because I wasn't sure what I should pick. I knew I wanted a face oil, a serum, something with vitamin C and also a spot treatment. So let's talk about the products I ended up buying. Oh just one thing before we start, the easiest way to buy those products is Asos.. especially when you already buy loads on there haha..

Sounds amazing, right? And it is. It is simple and that's what I love about it. A lot of face oils these days have a variety of different ingredients. This one only has one. And it does what it promises. When I have extremely dry skin I use this at night and the dryness disappears over night. A life saver! And I can't wait to use it even more in the colder months. 

Such a godsend for everyone with dry skin. I mostly apply it in the morning under my moisturiser. It feels like my moisturiser and this serum are working so well together. I just adore this product. Also, it feels ultra light and not oily on the skin so I can wear it under makeup without having to worry. 

I was looking for a product containing Vitamin C, as I was really lacking this in my routine. And as you know, Vitamin C brightens your skin and I am all about that bright and glowy skin. I decided on this one as it is also supposed to have anti ageing benefits. I mainly use this at night as a serum. 

I never really suffer from breakouts, but from time to time (better said once a month) I get one or two blemishes. Then I love to have something on hand to help me out. Of course, you can never expect a miracle, but this solution really helped me out and minimised those breakouts. But I would say if you have sensitive or dry skin, only use it on the problem area, when you use it on your whole face I find it way too harsh!

Have you tried any of their products?

xx Lisa