Sunday, October 15, 2017

I am 25! - Things I Have Learned This Year.

When I was a little girl I always thought I would be 20 and that's it. Not in a sense "I wouldn't make it past 20" more in a way that this was such a big number and I could never imagine being older than that. 20-year-olds were so mature, so wise and SO OLD in the eyes of a naive 10-year old. Well, here I am.. clearly made it past 20. Today I actually became 25 years old. 

I know, I know.. it's just a number. I personally don't even like birthdays that much. I am not someone who craves attention. But I do like to see my loved ones and go out for dinner or something. I just try to stay away from Birthday-Partys for myself.. thanks but no thanks. But I do like to reflect on my past year. What have I learned, how have I changed? 

Today I thought I would go through the major points with you. 

1. You don't have to have everything figured out.
That's a big one. I always thought I will have everything figured out in my mid-twenties. I'll be married, maybe even planning on having children soon. I will have a house and my dream career. Well, that's not how life goes for most of the people and that's more than okay. I would even say it's great! Your twenties are here to try and to fail. To plan and then to scratch those plans and make even bigger plans. Today I am still going to university, doing my masters in economics. My dream is to work in Marketing for a big technological company.. or maybe stay in the beauty/fashion industry? Who knows.. Time will show! I am far away from getting married, but I do have the most amazing boyfriend who picks me up when I am down, and who pushes me to pursue my dreams. If you ask me, that's so much more important than having a ring on your finger. Children are for sure so far from my mind.. maybe in 5,6 years.. but for now I still feel like a child myself. But does that ever change for anyone?

2. Vegetarianism is great.
Okay, this is not necessarily something I have learned this year. I have been a veggie for a couple of years now but this year I feel like I am embracing it even more. People always ask me why I stopped eating meat. Some people do it for health reasons but for me, it's for sure the ethical side of things. Don't worry! I won't give you a preach right now. All I want to say is that I have never been so comfortable living without meat and fish. Earlier I sometimes wouldn't tell people even if the topic came up. I felt like vegetarianism had some kind of stigma. Maybe the times have changed maybe I have changed. But I love it!

3. Invest in experiences, rather than things.
I know this sounds like a cliche. But when I was younger I would trade a family holiday for a new pair of boots ANY TIME. A bit embarrassing to admit haha. But I was very very very materialistic. Don't get me wrong, I still love clothes, bags, shoes and makeup. But I try to cut back massively. At the moment I just wish I could be on a city trip to NY or London, with my favourite people. This to me is pure happiness now. A fab pair of boots is just a little extra sprinkle of happiness. 

4. Aspire to be the better version of yourself - Not a copy of someone else.
I have lost quite a lot of weight a few years back. And I hate to admit my main motivation wasn't getting healthier (which thank god I did!) but it was getting thinner. But the reality is, that picture you have in your head of what you want to look like, that's most likely not gonna happen. Okay, don't get demotivated yet. I just mean, where does this picture come from? Most probably from Instagram, Youtube or a magazine. Definitely, you saw that body on someone else. Because IT IS SOMEONE ELSE'S BODY! It's not you. That doesn't mean you can't become fit and toned. Hell YES you can! But maybe you can't have that big butt like Kylie or these abs and the almost non-existent hips you saw on Gigi. And that is fine! Accept how your body works, how it's shaped and work with that. I personally always admired very petite, thin girl. The ones that have a very straight figure. Well, apparently that's not me. And that is totally fine. My hips are curved, my butt and my boobs are more prominent but my waist is relatively small. There is no way I can change that without getting surgery. But I can get fitter, stronger and more toned. So aspire to be the better version of yourself, not a copy of someone else. 

5. Sometimes, feeling stuck is a blessing.
It pushes you to change something in your life. And change is really what keeps life interesting, what makes it colourful and vibrant. But we all know how easy it is to avoid change, out of pure fear. But feeling stuck helps with that. It is the little push you needed to overcome your fear and just go for it. Move to the different side of your country or even the world. Change your job, maybe even change your career? End relationships that are bad for you and make room for new ones. So maybe see this feeling as the start of something new and the push you needed to make that change you wanted for some time. 

Okay, this is it for now. I didn't think these points would turn out so long. I had a few more on my list to discuss but I will save them for a different post. 

I hope you liked reading something a bit different from me! 

Have a great day.

xx Lisa


Sunday, October 8, 2017

The Ultimate Nude Lipstick Collection.

I do love a red lip, occasionally. But one thing you will see me wearing most of the time is a nude lipstick. I just love the classic look. It's the most natural lip shade you could choose, without being completely natural. Today I want to show you my nude lipstick collection. After taking these photos I realised how similar all of these look. But I promise they are SO different. My boyfriend would for sure roll his eyes when reading this but I bet most of you girls agree! I will go from left to right. 

1. L'Oreal Paris "Blush in a Rush"
This has been such a hyped shade. Normally I don't go for drugstore lipsticks but when I saw everyone talk about it I just caved in. Yes, I blame you, Lydia Elise Millen! A gorgeous pinky matte nude. Perfect for summer.

2. Tom Ford "Pink Dusk"
This is a bit darker and less matte than the L'Oreal one. I adore this shade, it is so versatile and I can wear it with everything and it fits in every season. The price is quite heavy though, so I try not to use it every day.

3. Chanel "Adrienne"
This one I got after seeing it on Anna from the Anna Edit. This is a bit different for me, as it has more of a beige undertone than a pink one which I normally gravitate to. The finish is very shiny but not glittery or gloss-like. Because of the finish, it doesn't last too long. But the colour is such a staple in every makeup collection.

4. Armani "Nuda"
This is the most natural colour on me. It seriously is my lips but better. Therefore it looks extremely natural. I put this on whenever I go for a very natural makeup look and when I don't want to look too "done". This will never leave my makeup collection.

1. Charlotte Tilbury "Pillow Talk"
Now we start with my Charlotte Tilbury nudes. My personal fave is for sure Pillow Talk. The lipliner with the same name was so hyped, so I had to try the lipstick version right when it came out. Again, a very muted pinky nude. The matte finish makes it last for ages without feeling weird. I LOVE.

2. Charlotte Tilbury "Kim K.W."
Okay, I have to admit I mainly got this one because of Kim. I mean she is the queen of a nude lip, so everyone should own this one, right? It is a very light true nude. No major pink or brown undertones. Such a classic. For me, it is a bit too light so I like to wear it very lightly and rub it in with my finger. Then it is really gorgeous.

3. Charlotte Tilbury "Very Victoria" 
This is the very first lipstick I got from CT. Again, a gorgeous matte finish. The nude itself is a bit darker and very cool toned. Very modern as those cool, almost grey toned nudes are so in trend right now. I love it with a brown eyeshadow look.

4. Charlotte Tilbury "Nude Kate" 
This one is quite a popular shade, but for me a bit of a fail purchase. It is way too warm and orange toned for my skin tone. It makes me look super weird like something is off with my face. I still keep it because I love it on everyone else. Maybe I am secretly hoping that my complexion would change haha.

This one has huge sentimental value for me. I got this when I first met my boyfriend and wore it 24/7 at the time. It is a very glossy brown nude. It's way lighter on the lips as it is in the picture because the colour payoff is not great. I don't wear it that much anymore. I am more into the pinky nudes these days. But I would never ever get rid of this one.

This is another one of my go-to pinky nudes. The formula is amazing. So creamy but pretty long lasting. The pigmentation is also amazing. LOVE LOVE LOVE. 

If I want a very glossy nude, I go for this one. It is very light, very shiny and so lovely to wear. Unfortunately, the lasting power is pretty bad. But this is to be expected with this kind of lipsticks. 

After wearing Desirable so so much, I wanted a true nude with the same formula. This one is a bit more beige and warm toned than your very true nude but I love wearing it. Again, the texture and comfort are amazing. I can't wait to wear it even more in autumn and winter. 

What are your go-to nude lipsticks? I would love to know!

xx Lisa 

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Currently Craving | Blush Pink Jackets.

Millennial pink is everywhere. (BTW I can't hear that phrase anymore.. Millennial here, Millennial there... no no!). And as you probably already know, black and blush is one of my all-time favourite colour combinations. As it is practically autumn now I was browsing the internet for some transitional jackets and found a few blush gems. So I needed to share these with you! 
Trenchcoat, Jean jacket, Biker jacket or Parka... I found them all!




The first Asos one is next on my wishlist... how beaut can a parka be? The Next biker jacket is already in my closet and I can't get enough... loving the rose gold hardware!

What is your fave?

xx Lisa


Sunday, September 24, 2017

My Skincare Routine | Autumn Edit.

Here we go with another part of my autumn series. Today I want to show you which skincare products I use in the colder months. As for many, it's all about hydration, hydration, AND hydration. 

1. The Mask. 
Which mask I use totally depends on my skin condition at the time. When it is nice and clear, but lacks moisture, I love the Garnier Moisture Bomb Sheet Masks. On days where my skin is not looking too great I swear by my Origins Clear Improvement Mask. Even my boyfriend absolutely loves this! I leave it on until it's completely dry and just rinse it off with some warm water.. my skin instantly feels and looks incredible. Sometimes I even use the sheet mask afterwards as the Origins one can be a bit drying. I try to do a mask every Sunday, but as life gets busy I sometimes find myself doing it every other week. How often do you use face masks?

2. The Oil.
I could skip moisturizer or a mask but I will never ever skip my oil, especially in the colder months. My current favourite is the Clarins Blue Orchid Face Oil. This stuff is such a life saver. It not only hydrates my skin like nothing else, it also calms it down and any redness just disappears overnight! AMAZING! This step I only do in the night time, as I find oils to heavy for me in the day. 

3. The Moisturizer.  
In the morning I love a light moisturizer, which acts like a good base for my makeup. For this, I use my Clinique Moisture Surge. Honestly, this product had so much hype around it, but it's totally justified. Because of the gel texture, it has also a slight cooling effect, which is great for the morning. In the evening I love something a bit more intense and also a bit more soothing. So after my Clarins oil, I use the La Roche Posay Toleriane Ultra. A very gentle but efficient moisturizer, great for sensitive skin. 

4. The Eye Cream 
For my eyes, I don't use anything new. I stick to my trusty Clinique All About Eyes. It has been such a favourite of mine for years and I can't see myself change it up anytime soon. It's the perfect thickness and texture. It's not too heavy but it doesn't feel like you put nothing on. Perfect. 

5. The Lip Balm 
Just as with my eye cream, I still stick to an oldie but goodie when it comes to my lip balm. The Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream is the holy grail for soft and moisturized lips. You can buy the lip balm version but I just use to original cream. I feel like it does the same and the price is so much better.  

What are your fave products in the autumn time?

xx Lisa

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Sunday, September 17, 2017

The Asos Wishlist | Autumn Edit.

I have to admit, the picture doesn't have a lot to do with this post but I just needed another excuse to show off my new Zara bag to the world haha.. I am obsessed! 

But lets go back to the topic.. Today I will give you what we all have been waiting for. Another Asos wishlist.. and this time: THE AUTUMN EDIT! YAY! I hope you are as excited as me for the new season. (I mean my name already says that, right?) 

So lets get right into it.. 

What is your fave piece of my wishlist? I definietly need the grey and the beige cashmere dress and of course the blush parka!

xx Lisa

Sunday, September 10, 2017

The Autumn Perfume Edit.

I use the same perfume throughout the year, well at least more or less. I am not very strict when it comes to seasonal scents. But I do tend to gravitate towards differents perfumes each season. Today I will show you what I reach for the most in the transition from summer to autumn. 

Let's start with an all time classic: Black Opium by YSL. I think this perfume is very "love or hate". It is very strong, and very "out there". So if you like subtle flowery scents, this is not for you. I always use more strong perfumes when it gets colder. So this one is a must for in autumn. But if you want a  more fresh scent, for the warmer days in September and October I can recommend Black Opium Floral Shock. It is again very strong, but way fresher and more suitable for summer. The perfect transitional perfume. 

One of my all-time signature scents is Chloe Love. A very elegant and powdery perfume. People always ask me about it and everyone around me knows that is "my perfume". I just adore it, and I am so happy when it gets colder so I can wear it more often. 

Last but not least is Dolce & Gabbana The One. Again a quite warm scent. I just love perfumes with a vanilla and musk basenote

Now I would love to know which perfumes you love to wear in autumn/winter time!

xx Lisa

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Sunday, September 3, 2017

The Autumn Makeup Edit | Golden Eyes.

It is September, so it's finally acceptable to talk about autumn, right? If you know me, you know how obsessed I am with autumn and winter. For me, these months are months of change, of a new beginning, and the best makeup and fashion. I don't know why but I just don't get on with summer. Dressing for these months is a literal nightmare for me. But let's put this aside and focus on something more positive. Today I want to share with you one of my go-to looks when the air gets colder and the trees turn all red and orange. 

Let's start with the base. Normally I love my Armani Luminous Silk foundation, but when it gets colder I think a bit more coverage and a bit less glow is always a good idea. That's why I like to reach for the Armani Lasting Silk. My concealer is as always the trusty Estee Lauder Double Wear concealer. Never without it! 

Let's go to the fun part: the eyes. I love golden brown eyeshadow in autumn. For that, I choose my Mac "woodwinked" and "cork". Cork I use in the crease as I love a matte shade there. I applied woodwinked all over my lid. And of course, I can't live without my signature winged liner. My liner of choice here was the Estee Lauder Double Wear Zero liner. Amazing lasting power!

When it comes to lips I adore a dark red/purple. But I only really wear it at night time or for special occasions. Here I used the YSL Rouge Pur Couture in the shade "Prune Virgin". For a slightly more wearable version, I chose a pinky nude, the Tom Ford lipstick in "Pink Dusk". Another one of my faves.. 

What is your go-to look in autumn? Are you excited for the new season?

xx Lisa

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Sunday, August 27, 2017

Your jewellery dreams coming true.

It is no secret, I love dainty beautiful jewellery. If it's rose gold, it's even better! But one thing I can't stand is cheap jewellery, which turns green and ugly after wearing it a couple of times. On the other hand, as a student, I don't have the funds to invest in extremely expensive pieces. But I still don't want to compromise.

That is why I love to discover new designer and brands that offer good quality products for a reasonable price. I personally tend to go for real silver jewellery which is plated with rose gold. This way you have great quality and it won't break the bank. One website I love to visit is Audaviv. They have different designers, smaller and bigger names, there is something for everyone! I have been obsessed with their Zoeca rings. 

The ones in the picture are my current favourites. The "Malibu is calling" ring is a real statement and I get questions about it all the time. The "Bow" ring is more dainty but just as beautiful. The choker and the bracelet are by a brand called Tom Shot. I love how you can discover new brands through Audaviv. Also, their customer service is incredible, whatever question or problem you might have, they are happy to assist you. You can really tell how important quality and authenticity is to Audaviv. 

What jewellery shops can you recommend? 

xx Lisa

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Sunday, August 20, 2017

New Launch: Armani - Stronger With You & Because It's You.

Armani is one of my favourite brands when it comes to beauty. I am the biggest fan of their foundations. You really have to try the Lasting Silk and the Luminous Silk foundation, such a dream! But I don't want to talk about makeup. Today it's all about their latest perfume launch for him & her. 

"Because it's you" is the scent for her. I already loved the Armani Si` perfume, so I was excited when I got asked if I want to try their latest launch. And this one is not a disappointment. At first, it smells fresh and fruity with hints of neroli and raspberry. After some time the scent is a bit "deeper" with vanilla and musk notes. How gorgeous does that sound? I love everything that has vanilla in it.. so it's a winner for me! 

"Stronger with you" is the version for him. I can't tell you too much about this, but what I can say is: I am OBSESSED with this smell. I basically want my boyfriend to wear it 24/7. It is such a sexy, yet elegant perfume. For me, this is the ultimate scent for a guy. And yes, he also likes it (not that it matters haha). 

BTW.. the rings around the double rings on the bottle are a symbol of two bodies wrapped around each other. With that Armani wants to show an alliance that balances and empowers. Such a lovely idea. 

What is your current favourite perfume? I love to discover new ones!

xx Lisa

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Sunday, August 13, 2017

Buying basics on a budget.

I know I usually preach buying "quality over quantity" and as much as I believe in this, I think there are things that are just not worth spending a fortune on.

I love investing in a timeless good quality coat or a beautiful pair of black boots. I also think handbags are amazing investments if you choose wisely. But when it comes to loungewear or very basic clothes, I like to go for bargains. I mean you have to save some money somewhere in order to splurge on the key pieces, right? A shop where I always go back to for exactly those pieces is Romwe. I bet you all heard of them before, they are known for very low priced fast fashion. As I said, usually not the place where I would invest in. But I felt like I needed a few hoodies in my life and as I only wear them at home or on the way to the gym I was not too keen on spending a fortune on them. So here I show you what I got. Of course, I went for my usual colour palette: grey, black and blush. I hope you are not bored of it by now?!

Where do you like to shop your basics? And what do you love to invest in?
xx Lisa

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Sunday, August 6, 2017

The Ordinary - Worth the Hype?

There has been such a big hype around the "The Ordinary" products lately, so I just needed to try some myself and see what the fuss is all about. I was quite happy with my skincare routine, but could definitely use a new face oil. Also, their prices are really so low (SERIOUSLY) so I thought, why not?
And I am so glad I did that!

I did some research in advance, because I wasn't sure what I should pick. I knew I wanted a face oil, a serum, something with vitamin C and also a spot treatment. So let's talk about the products I ended up buying. Oh just one thing before we start, the easiest way to buy those products is Asos.. especially when you already buy loads on there haha..

Sounds amazing, right? And it is. It is simple and that's what I love about it. A lot of face oils these days have a variety of different ingredients. This one only has one. And it does what it promises. When I have extremely dry skin I use this at night and the dryness disappears over night. A life saver! And I can't wait to use it even more in the colder months. 

Such a godsend for everyone with dry skin. I mostly apply it in the morning under my moisturiser. It feels like my moisturiser and this serum are working so well together. I just adore this product. Also, it feels ultra light and not oily on the skin so I can wear it under makeup without having to worry. 

I was looking for a product containing Vitamin C, as I was really lacking this in my routine. And as you know, Vitamin C brightens your skin and I am all about that bright and glowy skin. I decided on this one as it is also supposed to have anti ageing benefits. I mainly use this at night as a serum. 

I never really suffer from breakouts, but from time to time (better said once a month) I get one or two blemishes. Then I love to have something on hand to help me out. Of course, you can never expect a miracle, but this solution really helped me out and minimised those breakouts. But I would say if you have sensitive or dry skin, only use it on the problem area, when you use it on your whole face I find it way too harsh!

Have you tried any of their products?

xx Lisa


Sunday, July 30, 2017

The best chocolate cookies you will ever have.

This Sunday I want to share with you the ultimate chocolate cookie recipe. Let's not talk too much and get started right away: it's just too good! I found it on TheAnnaEdit, but changed it a few times and now I've been making them the exact same way for years. So here we go..

Ingredients for about 12 pieces of heaven:
200g butter
250g sugar 
1 egg
275g (self-raising) flour
75g cocoa powder
as much chocolate of your choice as you like
a splash of milk

Throw your softened butter into a bowl, add in the sugar and give it a good mix. Crack in an egg and mix even more, then throw in the flour and cocoa powder. Mix again until it's even. Things might seem a little dry at this point so add in a few splashes of milk to combine the mixture into more of a dough if necessary. Line two trays with baking paper, divide the mixture into 12 balls.

Then it's time get creative. I like to break up about 200g of milk chocolate and at it evenly in all the 12 cookies. You can use more or less chocolate or even white or dark ones. Why not even add nuts or berries?

When you pimped your cookies place far apart on the tray. Pop it in the preheated fan oven at about 220°C. Get them out after 10 minutes. You might need to experiment with the exact time a few times depending on your oven. But don't be scared: they will be super sloppy still when you remove them, but leave them to cool for around 20 minutes (if you can wait that long). I promise they will be the best thing you ever had!

Have a relaxing Sunday!
xx Lisa


Sunday, July 23, 2017

NEW IN: Dolce & Gabbana Sunnies.

If you have been following me for a while you know how much I love designer sunglasses. D&G has to be one of my favourite brands when it comes to sunnies. Their shapes and sizes seem to fit my face perfectly. So I just needed to get my hands on another pair.

I decided on the D&G DG4286F This one is very oversized and dramatic. I love how the square frame compliments my round face shape. I am just obsessed. What are your favourite shapes? I feel like cat-eye or more squared glasses suit me the best. Round ones only make my fave look even rounder. 

I have linked few of my current cravings below. Next on my list are definitely the Celine Tilda and some Prada Cinema ones.. or MiuMiu Noir? Haha.. decisions, decisions.. 

xx Lisa

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Sunday, July 16, 2017

The Summer Beauty Must-Haves Edit.

This post is a bit of a random one. I won't show you a certain look or will talk about a certain product. I just thought I will show you which products I reach for in the summer months. You can also read about my Summer Lipsticks Edit (here) or my Summer Skincare Edit (here).  I don't change my makeup too much throughout the seasons, but there are certain products which I use way more in different seasons. So let's get started with my little rundown of my summer beauty must-haves.

Let's start with a bit of an odd product. When we think about summer we don't necessarily think about heavy foundations, at least I don't. That's why I normally won't reach for foundations at all. I just love using a really good concealer instead. My concealer I love throughout the whole year is the Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-place concealer. Such a fab product, very light, very natural but enough coverage. If my skin is acting or I need to look a bit more flawless I use the Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation. I know, normally not what you would expect to be a good summer foundation. But as I said, I only use it when I really need to. This foundation is heavy, but it lasts so long which I need on those hot summer days.

Another product which I can't live without is waterproof mascara. I change mine up all the time, but the one I am using and loving at the moment is the Max Factor False Lash Effect Waterproof. But I always think that mascara is such a personal thing, a lot of mascaras people love don't work for me at all. So just try it out for yourself.

My skin tends to get quite oily in the heat, so I like to use a good setting powder around my T-Zone. Here I choose the Vichy Dermablend powder. It is transparent without giving you that weird white powdery look. But I have to say that I only use a little bit. I think that is key to using powders in the summer without looking cakey.

Bronzer is something I also use all year around, but I definitely use it the most in the summer. I am quite pale and my skin doesn't want to tan easily. Also, I try not to be in the sun too much to keep my skin protected. But I still like that summer glow. For that, I love my trusty old Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Bronzer. If you ask me, it's the best investment you can make. It blends perfectly, it comes in a variety of shades and lasts ages. The dream!

When it comes to lipsticks there is not a certain one I use every year. But my nude lipsticks tend to be a bit more on the pinky side when it gets warmer. Two of my current faves are the Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy in the shade "Desirable" and on the matte side of things the Armani Rouge D'Armani in 103 Nuda. 

Last but not least my current favourite perfume is Chloe Love. Such a gorgeous powdery scent. Definitely, give it a try if you get the chance!

By the way, are having a great Summer Makeup category. Loads of products which are perfect for the summer months. And the best thing, you can win a 200gift card. Just go to their Instagram and follow their instructions: here. If you would like to win the Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation in the shade 1N2 head over to my Instagram and join the giveaway!

What are your summer beauty products that you can't live without?

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