Sunday, June 17, 2018

Connect Rather Than Compete.

We all know at least one or two people that always make life seem like a competition. Who is more successful at their job, who works out the most, who has the most dates and sometimes even who feels more stressed out, tired and exhausted? Especially the last one will always be a mystery to me. It's simply stressful, tiring and certainly not fun. 

So why do so many people still hang on to jealousy? I know a lot of people don't like the word 'jealousy'. And they would totally deny that they are jealous of the person they are talking about behind their back. But honey, if you don't want to see them succeed, if you feel like they are taking something away from you by absolutely smashing it and you secretly hope their project will fail... you are jealous. 

I am not saying that I am a saint in this regard. I think everyone has been there.. everyone looked at some other woman and thought: Why did I not get this promotion? Why is my hair not that long and smooth? Why does she seem like she has everything and more and I look like a hot mess? I have been there, you have been there... we all have been there. But that doesn't make it right.

One of the most recent situations where I witnessed a lot of jealousy and a lot of hatred was about the lovely girl behind the Instagram account 'TheSundayChapter'. I have followed Angela and her blog, and of course her social media, since the start of Lisa Autumn actually. She always produced the most beautiful pictures and had quite a big following for a while. I remember her being at around 20K when I first came across her. In the last couple of months, something amazing happened: She went from around 30K to now almost 500K in a matter of weeks. Crazy, right? But how did she do it? Well, she did something simple but effective: she created story templates for Instagram stories for her followers to screenshot and use. And of course, she added her own handle to it so people can find her and her templates. She went viral within days. It's amazing! Well, shortly after I saw a lot of hate-fueled and mean tweets directed at her. Accusing her of buying followers and being fake. Success like this can't be for real. 

For me, it was completely different. When I first became aware of what happened I felt incredibly happy for Angela. She seems like such a sweet girl and I really felt like she deserved it. But you know what else I felt immediately afterwards? Inspiration. Yes, exactly. Not the kind of inspiration where I just want to do the same thing she did. You just can't copy anyone and expect the same kind of results.. not gonna work. But the kind of inspiration where one certain thought popped into my head: 'She did it. That means I can do it, too!'. I know we sometimes see the successful or rich people think.. well, that life is just not meant for me. I will never drive that expensive car, will own a villa or just reach that 500K mark on Instagram. But there she is.. she did it. And she didn't just stumble into it. She is not a famous model or actress where a large social media following comes with the job. She is not some celebrities wife. She is Angela. The girl who used her passion and creativity to create something amazing. You can't tell me that this is incredibly motivating and inspiring to you. 

So why don't we all just stop with the resentment, anger and jealousy and simply cheer each other on? I bet we can achieve so much more that way. Here's to girls and women cheering each other on!

x Lisa

Sunday, June 10, 2018

My Go-To Liquid Lipsticks.

{This post contains products that have been sent to me as PR gifts, with no obligation to write this post}

I have been resisting the liquid lipstick hype for ages. Don't get me wrong, I love a good matte lip but I just can't stand the dryness that (I thought) comes with the liquid formula. A few months back, however, I stumbled across the most beautiful pinky nude shade by YSL. So I took the plunge and LOVED everything about it.

So basically, YSL Couture Tatouage was my first big liquid lipstick love. I was so obsessed with wearing it that I contemplated buying another shade or trying another brand. But I know myself and I mostly stick with pinky nudes, so I thought I would give the Chanel Rouge Allure Ink a shot. I already own loads of Chanel lip products (shoutout to the Rouge Coco in "Adrienne".. such a gem) so I was very excited. 
The formular is way thinner than the YSL one, which is already very light. But YSL manages to pack a lot of pigmentation in it's light formula. Chanel however, not so much. Don't get me wrong, I still wear it, still like it. But for the money, I don't know if I would buy it again. YSL is just a bit better. Also, Chanel should really work on their shade range. 

After this, I wanted to try a more opaque and more matte formula. I got a bit brave and wasn't that scared of the dryness anymore. I did some research and came across the Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Lips range. All the swatches I could find online where so pigmented and rich, that I just needed to try one. I was, obvioulsly, on the look for a pinky nude. That was abit of challenge as the pinks looked very pink and deep and the nudes were pretty warm toned with an orange hint. Unfortunately, these kinds of nudes don't suit me at all. In the end, I decided to go for "Rising Star". Stil a very bright pink but not too bright. Definetly wearable for me. I am a bit scared to say this, but I think this is my new fave. It is opaque, longlasting and feels amazing on the lips. Of course it is a bit more drying than Chanel. But the Chanel lipstick just never went full on matte. So this is to be expected. I just wish CT would bring out more shades.. maybe a "Pillow Talk" in liquid lipstick form? I would buy 10!

Now I would love to hear about your liquid lipstick recommendations!

xx Lisa

Sunday, June 3, 2018

You Helped Me Choose My New Glasses.

{Advertisement - This post was written in collaboration with Misterspex}

I have been wanting to get a new pair of glasses for ages. But honestly, who has the time to go to their local optician and spend hours trying to go through all of their models just to realize they don't have exactly what you are looking for? Me neither... So the 'try at home' service by Misterspex was a perfect fit for me. You can choose up to 4 glasses and get them send to you without them charging you anything. Then you have 10 days to try them on and send back. If you liked any of the models you can directly send them your prescription details and they will send your favorite model back to with your prescription. 

What a great service, right? Honestly, the hardest part is to choose the right one. So I went to my Instagram Stories and you helped me out. These were the ones that I ordered to try on. 

It was a pretty tough decision between the Ray-Ban model and the MK Ambrosine. Although I absolutely loved the Misterspex Aurel design, I think the model is better suited for people with lighter hair or darker skin tones at it almost blended in with my skin and wasn't opaque enough against my dark hair. Which is funny because I thought this one would suit me the most. So their 'try at home' service absolutely saved me from ordering new glasses that don't even suit me. In case you don't have the time to order a few pairs and send them back later, you can also 'try them on' on their website. For this, you simply need a webcam. Seriously, that is so much fun and totally helped me to narrow down which pairs I want to order.
Also, I wanted to add how amazing the service was. The first 'try on' package was with me the next day and my prescription glasses only took around a week. Which is perfect for an impatient online shopper like me. 

So I bet you want to know which one I chose? After consulting Instagram, Twitter and my family I decided on the Michael Kors Ambrosine style. It's probably the most classic and flattering on my face. 

If you want to treat yourself to a new pair of (sun)glasses you can use my code 'lisaautumn15' for a sweet 15% discount. 

x Lisa